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Enhance C-CDA Value Sets Project

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Project Overview

This project performed quality assurance against existing C-CDA value sets and defined an ongoing Value Set maintenance process.

Scope of Work

  • Review and perform 'quality assurance' (QA) against current C-CDA value set definitions in VSAC (Value Set Authority Center) by:
    • Confirming all value sets are present
    • Confirming current scope/definition of value sets
    • Confirming the dependent code systems of value sets
    • Confirming the current expansion sets of value sets
    • Creating expression based definitions for all value sets
  • Identify the key CCDA community members that are involved in the use and maintenance of CCDA Value Set content that must be engaged in the project along with their responsibilities for value set maintenance, including gaps in support
  • Define requirements and processes for ongoing maintenance of C-CDA value sets; implement those requirements and pilot the processes for C-CDA value sets so as to establish a new baseline collection of up-to-date CCDA value sets.
  • Continue the work as defined in bullet 3 to develop value set updates and present those changes as issues for discussion or errata to the Structured Documents Work Group (SDWG) on an ongoing basis. Collaborate with the SDWG on the resolution of these changes by hosting consensus review. A ballot is not expected as part of this task.

Pilot Start: August 1, 2017

Pilot End: September 6, 2017

Maintenance Process Review

The current Maintenance Process document has been posted to the SDWG documents tab on Direct link: [Value Set Maintenance Process]

Stakeholder List Updates

As part of this maintenance process, we have put together a list of value set stakeholders. You will find the stakeholders listed in the Workgroup Stakeholder and Code System Stakeholders columns (on the Value Sets tab) in the CCDA Value Set Summary 090717 spreadsheet posted on the SDWG documents tab on Direct link: [CCDA Value Set Summary 090717]

Project Documents and Deliverables

Please note that the documents below were deliverables during the pilot maintenance process.

NOTE!!! For the most current value set updates and most current versions of the documents below, please visit the Structured Docs WG Documents page on!!!

  • Linked below is the Vital Sign Utilization Report containing the Pivot table(s) created by Sean Muir
    • It contains four pivot tables using the data from the value set application.
      • One is a table containing all the utilizations
      • One is a table contain all the utilizations with additional severity level Consol Version 1.2 and Consol Version 2.1
      • The code has been committed to the MDHT eclipse repository