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== EC WG web pages ==
== EC WG web pages ==
[ Emergency Care Site at HL7]
[ Emergency Informatics Web Site]
[ Emergency Informatics Web Site]

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HL7 Emergency Care SIG

EC SIG Co-chairs

  • Laura Heermann Langford
  • Jim McClay
  • Peter Park
  • Sandra Marr

Jan 2014 vote

EC SIG Meetings

Friday every week. Join the List Serve for notifications. Check the Calendar for planned meetings.

Announcements are sent over list serve.

We also post to the Emergency Informatics website to include non-HL7 members.

Meeting Information

Emergency Care Domain Analysis Model

See EC DAM Draft Artifacts in documents on the Work Group HL7 site

EDIS Functional Profile

Registered Emergency Department Information System Functional Profile

Participate in EDIS-FP Version 2.0 development

Based on EHR Functional Model


Latest version of DEEDS update and revision HL7 Version 3 Specification: Data Elements for Emergency Department Systems (DEEDS), Release 1 - US Realm

Other projects

See Project Insight

EC WG web pages

Emergency Care Site at HL7

Emergency Informatics Web Site