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effectiveTime is an attribute in some RIM base classes.


  • I am trying to confirm that at one point there was discussion around Role.effectiveTime, specifically that it be changed to GTS to support things like office hours.
    • I don't think office hours would be an appropriate use. Role reflects capacity, not specific choice to engage in an activity.

Tom: I was the one who originally raised this issue/requirement, but have since been convinced that Role is indeed not the right place for it (since it deals with capacity, not activity). It's a border case of course, since my use case was to capture the regular school hours for a student (which is not an event). What it is though, is a SCHEDULE. So the proper way to model this would be to attach an AttendanceSchedule Act (in SLOT mood I guess) to the Student role and use the effectiveTime of the schedule (which is GTS) to specify the regular hours. I will propose adding such a construct to the PA D-MIM (and CMET).