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Action Points for the Following Year

The following points are based on a presentation by Alistair Miles at the 2005 Berlin Ecoinformatics meeting.



Data Model


  • General principle: publish data
  • XML
    • Thesaurus tradition (e.g. Zthes …)
    • Terminology (I.e. TC 37) tradition (e.g. TBX, implementation of TMF)
    • Topic maps tradition … XTM
  • RDF
    • SKOS Core
    • RDFS/OWL
  • OWL
    • Based on RDF
    • Ontologies for the web
    • W3C recommendation
  • Comments
    • N.B. XTM and anything based on RDF (I.e. SKOS Core, OWL) designed for a distributed information environment
      • I.e. use URIs, support data linking, merging
    • Others not (designed for point-to-point transfer)


  • Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
    • Important software engineering paradigm
  • Web services
    • WSDL, SOAP (W3C)
  • Web service interface to conceptual/terminological resource …

Lots of individual projects (EOS, UNEP.Net …)

  • Standardisation initiatives …
    • Some recent work on implementing the SKOS API …
    • … but still plenty of issues.
    • OMG lexicon query service?
    • HL7 Common Terminology Services (CTS)
    • ANSI terminology services API?
    • XMDR?
    • Other attempts to build consensus?
  • N.B.
    • SOA & WS architecture for distributing programmatic components
    • Semantic Web machinery architecture for distributing data
    • Complementary
      • E.g. a service that provides efficient programmatic access to an aggregation of data harvested from multiple published sources