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Eclipse OHF Conformance Questions

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-- Eclipse OHF conformance questions --

  • What are topics good for? Should a conformance editor try to build these from the information found elsewhere in the schema?
  • How would you use a use case? Is there any examples of a usefully populated use case?
  • How do interaction models get stored in the document? Do they? Should the conformance profile editor support them?
  • "A static definition is compliant in all aspects with the HL7 defined message it profiles". Presumably this should be "should" not "is". Is this something that can be checked?
  • does "" count as content for required content? For RE?
  • does "" count as content for the presence of a segment?
  • the condition predicate - let's be more precise about it. let's allow flags in the xml for the kind of language used to build the rule
  • Annotations - what kind of formatting markup is allowed?
  • how do you use regex to specify inter-element relationships?
  • what is the root context when an XPath constraint or element relationship is evaluated?
  • how does OCL work? Can I bring in the HL7Connect implementation?
  • the format allows for segment groups, but the narrative doesn't discuss this
  • There's a number of issues in the schema