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EST WGM Minutes 2016 May

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Thu Q1 EST


  • Attila Farkas
  • Dave Hamill
  • David Burgess (chair)
  • Nat Wong
  • Michael van der Zel (scribe)


  • Review HL7 Mission and Vision Statements
  • Homework
Review and discuss the HL7 Vision and Mission for just a few moments:
HL7 Vision: A world in which everyone can securely access and use the right health data when and where they need it.
HL7 Mission: to empower global health data interoperability by developing the best, right standards and enabling their adoption and implementation.
Look at your project lists and pick 3 top priorities
Start sorting through the attic for what does not spark joy
And please make sure your minutes and agendas can be reached from the website.  The “Minutes” tab accessible from your workgroup listing at will be renamed “Agenda & Minutes” in the future.  
  • Projects / Cleanup the Attic (Review for projects that we are primary sponsor.)
    • #794 - On Hold - this is probably solved with the atlassian suite
    • #992 - On Hold - leave on hold, might be resolved by architecture project
    • #1032 - On Hold - atlassian suite might fulfill this need
    • #1058 - this looks more like a FHIR-Infrastructure WG. Ask Loyd if this is still relevant since and simplifier are there. @Michael
    • #1064 - Active - ask Gary about the status. @Michael - talked to John Ritter, this project should be Suspended. John will talk to Gary about this.
    • #1148 - Moved to Board - this is the RFP (Andy & R4C)
    • #1176 - Tooling Strategy (David has document...?) 3yr plan
  • Top 3 Projects
    1. ) #1257 teleconferencing & atlassian suite (incl hipchat)
    2. ) video conferencing
    3. ) #1148
  • General housekeeping
    • Effectiveness Survey
      • No effectiveness servey this time.
    • Baltimore Attendence & Room Requests
      • Nat doesnot know yet
      • Michael wont be there
      • Mon Q1 -> Q3
      • David filled out room requests
  • Remarks
    • Wayne will join Q2
    • Propose to make us pilot group for atlassian tool suite


Motion: Adopt the changes to the Work Group Template rename the minutes tab to "Agenda's and Minutes". Nat / Dave: 5/0/0 Passed

Motion: Work Group Template changes:

Adding an Agenda tab to each WG’s web page
*Copying* the minutes wiki link from under *Additional* Resources to the Minutes tab for those groups that keep their minutes on the wiki
*Copying* the agenda wiki link from under *Additional* Resources to the Agenda tab for those groups that keep their minutes on the wiki
Add a note to the "Additional Resources" page to state that the link will be removed as of januari 2017.*
Remove the links from "Additional Resources" per januari 2017.*

Nat / Dave: 5/0/0 Passed

  • Adjurned 10:32

Thu Q2 EST


  • Attila Farkas
  • Dave Hamill
  • Matt Graham Mayo
  • Brian Pech KP
  • David Burgess
  • Nat Wong (chair)
  • Michael van der Zel (scribe)
  • Wayne Kubrik
  • Alexander Henket


  • Attila demo's
  • Wayne wants to pilot VOIP options with us.
    • We need to make it easier for meetings to meet.
    • Evaluate a couple (free gotomeeting (done),, uberconference) before the Baltimore meeting
    • With EST & HTA WG's
      • @Wayne distributes uber account
      • @Dave, Dave is hl7 gotomeeting admin
  • Nat: Wayne what are your thoughs on collaboration tools?
    • teleconference
    • group chat (zulip fhir) !! don't do email/attachements
      • limit zulip to fhir, look at solution for other groups
      • Look at hipchat (better integration into atlassian suite)
      • Dave tried slack
    • problem tracking
    • wiki
    • Atlassian community license, Australia already did this
      • Confluence, Jira, HipChat
    • One place to go to
    • Lloyd is doing an evaluation using Jira to get balloting done, similar to gforge(FHIR) and spreadsheet
    • Also look at extensible / marketplace with extensions
    • At least create landing page
  • Remarks
    • Alexander (PA): not much use of maillist, other gtm, gforge for fhir resource work. Not pressing.
    • Brian (v2 pub): tool chain bus problem (SPOF). Confluence maybe better option.
    • How do we migrate?
    • Tamara is admin of Jira/Confluence test. @Wayne send out mail to and other relevant.

Liaison reports

  • Matt: Mobile Health; Mobile Framework, SMS, PSS to look at mobile apis, conformance tools..
  • Wayne: ONC requires us to have computable conformance tests
  • Alexander/Jeff: Struc Doc CDA2.1. V3generator fixes for generating the new ballot by Lynn.
  • Michael: CIC MAX, EHR tool for R2 Child Health..., CIMI lots of evaluating of tools.
  • Brian: AID sun Q3/Q4 showcase ... get rid of copy/paste... update small parts
  • Wayns: OHT was approved
  • @CoChair: Send out question for next WGM for updates from other Liaisons
  • Adjourned 12:32