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EST WGM Agenda September 2014

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Day Date Time   Room Event Host joining Chair Scribe Notes
Monday Sep 15 AM Q1        
PM Q3    
Q4 )  
Day Date Time   Room Event Host joining Chair Scribe Notes
Tuesday Sept 16 AM Q1   (cancelled)
Q2 Project updates: EHRS-FM Profile Designer, Tooling Strategy Discussion, MWB update;
V3 Generator, Migration Planning, HingX Participation, Tooling Challenge, tactical planning
3-yr plan review: SMD
EST   David Lynn?  
PM Q3 Hosted by Structured Docs ITS, MnM, Tooling (?), V3 Publishing Jeff to represent  
7-9PM Cancelled Tuesday Tooling Night ( details)        
Day Date Time   Room Event Host joining Chair Scribe Notes
Wednesday Sep 17 AM Q1              
PM Q3  
Day Date Time   Room Event Host joining Chair Scribe Notes
Thursday Sep 18 AM Q1 Review agenda
Update on roll out of WorkGroup Meeting Scheduling app
Electronic Services / Tooling Merger
FHIR Registry Application
Conference call schedule
EST David Lynn?
Q2 Update from liaisons to other WG
Liaison Conference call meeting times
See minutes below
EST Tooling liaisons Michael Michael  
PM Q3    
Day Date Time   Room Event Host joining Chair Scribe Notes
Friday Sep 19 AM Q1 Joining Templates Templates Tooling, Patient Care, Structured Docs     TBD
PM Q3              

Tuesday Q2

HL7 Tooling Meeting Agenda/Minutes
Location: Room 1804 Date: 2014-09-15
Time: 11:00 AM Central
Facilitator: David Burgess Note taker(s): Lynn Laakso
Attendee Name, Affiliation
. .
x Woody Beeler
x Ken Chen, Education Co-chair, CHI (Catholic Health Initiatives)
x Attila Farkus, CHI (Canada Health Infoway)
x Matt Graham, Mobile Health liaison
x Lynn Laakso, HL7 HQ
by Skype Andy Stechishin, Co-chair
regrets Michael van der Zel, co-chair
Quorum Requirements Met (co-chair plus 3 counting staff): (yes)


Agenda Topics

  • Roll Call & Agenda Review
  • Project updates: EHRS-FM Profile Designer, Tooling Strategy Discussion, MWB update;
  • V3 Generator, Migration Planning, HingX Participation, Tooling Challenge, tactical planning
  • 3-yr plan review: SMD

  • Other/New Business


Minutes/Conclusions Reached:

  • Roll call and introductions - David convenes at 11:13AM
  • EHR-S FM - Michael is not available but demonstrated it at the EHR WG notes Matt. The next phase PSS has been brought to the SSD SD. Andy notes that EHR approved Phase3 some time ago and may be re-emerging from summer hiatus.
  • Tooling Strategy discussion - Lynn described some of the activities that were part of it. The Tooling Strategy policy implications were brought before the Board with no discernible endorsement or refusal. The movement towards providing tools as a members-only benefit has stalled. However the inventory of the tools and HL7 support versus HL7-endorsed is something that EST is still looking at notes David.
  • MWB update - Matt spoke with CGIT rep and has an update. There is a developer on Canada interested in participation. Matt seeks guidance on licensing and update the About page for disclosure of licensing and use of open source software. Folks from CGIT would like to make it freely available but there is question on which version of standards they would make available. If they update the tool to Version 2.8 that may change. There are dependencies on the V2 database notes Woody and Matt adds that Tony plans to speak to Frank. Woody notes that there are contractual arrangements and a relationship with HQ and Frank with the use of his database. Need to establish the inventory of and ownership of all the moving parts.
  • V3 Generator migration planning. Woody chuckles. Updated to MIF 2.2.0 and updated in SVN. V3 XML converts to MIF and transforms into schemas. Needs to be de-Canada-ized or universal realm adapted. Woody's prior contractual arrangements for maintenance of the publishing suites has been reduced to where he cannot complete the work. Andy adds that it remains on the Publishing agenda as something they want to get to but it's been working so if it ain't broke don't fix it. With Don's departure and Juba's interest in understanding the process they are willing to let it lie for know. Matt asks about what it's built in, Woody notes it's XSLT and ANT.
  • HINGX participation: Woody describes the MDHT project to create a reference repository for artifacts among its various members. HL7 has long wished for a repository since its database days. Still would like to know what is there developed by whom etc. They use JSON for their source mechanism and considered sending MIF file to post through an API but still no one has attempted to test it. Jane Curry set up the relationships but now has retired. We are still participating and Jane has directed queries from Ann to Andy for the technical reference as well as John Quinn as the representative to MDHT. The new release of HingX has been released notes Andy and the web API does not appear to be present; and manual entry is not really feasible.
  • Tooling Challenge: no entries for this year's challenge for a design to replace Visio modeling. Three participants indicated interest but did not submit entries.
    • What path do you wish to define for the Tooling Challenge? Sparx is still willing to engage for the future; need to define a task of interest to participants.
    • RIM maintenance now being done in EA, extracted and converted to MIF in an archive. Woody needs to complete the documentation and hand off to someone else.
    • Matt notes that Michael reported they had imported a FHIR registry into EA as well.
  • Tactical Planning, 3-year plan - move to Thursday
  • SMD - generic term for the visio modeler for RIM-derived models. Intended to get an SMD from the Brits, and the challenge did not have entries to create a design. Constraints in modeling have to be addressed. It would take major investment in the SMD to get it to work for us notes Andy. It was put on hold for the amount of work necessary and requisite investment was prohibitive. We continue to liaise with the NHS on developing but does not currently match our paradigm. NHS built it based on their local requirements based on a static version of the RIM (1.2) and did not build the ability to bind to a dynamic RIM. Woody notes that we create fewer static models these days and the need has been reduced.
  • Tooling challenge; how to proceed? Table for another call.
  • What are the plans for conference calls? Discuss also on Thursday. Cochairs from Amsterdam to Sydney leaves only 4 PM to accommodate both, and even then it's very early and very late for some cochairs.
  • David asks how best to become familiar with tooling? Woody has a powerpoint on the tools they use in the publishing stream and needs to be reviewed for the inventory as well. There are 4 sets of things probably need to worry about; V3, V2 tooling, CDA tooling (which remains opaque and worrisome) and EHR-S FM and now FHIR tooling needs to be addressed. Currently profile development is being done in Excel but they are requesting funding for registry development.
  • Attila asks about the HL7 endorsed tooling process. Currently only BlueButton is formally endorsed. The process should be on the wiki as well as in a GForge tracker - email Lynn for more information.

Adjourned 12:11 PM

Wed Q4 (joint AID)

See AID_201409_Agenda

Thu Q2 Tooling Liaisons updates


  • Michael van der Zel (Chair)
  • Woody Beeler
  • Rene Spronk
  • David Hamill
  • Jeff Brown
  • Frank Oemig
  • David Burgess
  • Matthew Graham

Meeting Minutes

  • PSS @Rene AID Liaison
    • +could create revenue
    • Motion: Motion to accept PSS related to Implementation Packages, provided that the Publication WG accepts being co-sponsor of this project. Mathew Graham moved, Rene second. 1 abstain, 8 approved.
    • More clarification about consequences. First try the concept.
    • @Michael take PSS up to Publication: Mail to Publication Co-Chairs, after that to SD and then TSC.
  • Update from Liaisons
    • Rene AID: Tool criteria. Ask EST in helping evaluating tooling joint with AID. Relation to new PSS internal tooling …
    • Woody Vocabulary: Tooling for maintaining terminology. CGIT v2 terminology / codesystem on-going project.
    • Frank CGIT: OID's for v2 valuesets and register in HL7 OID Registry. To seperately publish/release valuesets from specs. Further discusion in San Antonio. Goal is to move valuesets further together and harmonize where possible. Currently drafting PSS.
    • Matthew Mobile Health: Looking for tooling support for balloting profiles. Use-case based (EA) analysis to end up with FHIR Profiles. Make this a FMG request? Already discussed with Ewout/Grahame.
    • Frank: Raised question interested in providing an android app for browsing v2 (he hosts this now)
      • At least add to tooling / resources page. Is it allowed, IP? It is now a stand-alone apk installed on the phone. This can be a member benefit or for a fee, publish on google play? Who do you ask? Andy/Woody: John Quinn (CTO). Publication? Who is in charge of IP? No response from HQ Karen/Mark.
  • New Website (Dave Hamill)
    • Now only the homepage + header is new. The content is the same. Product Lines? Unclear.
    • Comments / bugs to EST mailing list and/or webmaster.
    • Tools & Resources page can be updated by HQ. @EST: Check hierarchy and make it consistent and current. We have to supply list. Add EA, RSA, MAX Extensions, etc.
  • Discussed consistency between workgroups on publishing minutes and presentations.
  • Liaison conf call schedule /DEFERED TO NEXT CALL/