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EST WGM Agenda 2017 May

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EST WG Agenda for the May 2017 WGM in Madrid, Spain

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Day Date Quarter Room Event Host joining Chair Scribe Notes
Sunday May 7 AM Q1              
PM Q3              
Monday May 8 AM Q1              
PM Q3              
Tuesday May 9 AM Q1              
PM Q3              
Wednesday May 10 AM Q1              
PM Q3              
Thursday May 11 AM Q1 Esquivias Project updates, strategic planning, next WGM planning EST Jeff Michael
PM Q3              
Friday May 12 AM Q1 Joining Templates Templates EST
PM Q3              

Agenda topics

  • Strategic
    • M&C review, so we get our golden star back
    • WG Scope review
    • Strategic Planning Review (see project!) / Roadmap?
    • Review Workgroup name
  • Projects / Tooling Liaisons
    • Tooling Liaison to give update on tool usage, and should update tooling inventory
    • Signing by HL7 of MSIs for HL7 hosted tools (e.g. EHR-S FM Profile Tool and MAX)
    • Open Source Usergroup?
    • CIMI PSS me Liaison
    • WGM Meeting e-sign in
  • Next WGM
    • Rooms have been reserved for Tuesday Q2, Thursday Q1 and Thursday Q2
    • Telecon's & times


  • Attendees
    • David Hamill, Wayne Kubick, Jeff Brown (chair), Paul Knapp, Steve Huffnagel, Matt Graham, Michael van der Zel (scribe)
  • Strategic
    • M&C review
      • We don't have critical mass to do the work
      • Set requirements for tooling. E.g. tools should have education material. The WG is not responsible, but we should monitor.
      • Tooling strategic plan with roadmap to get funding
      • There is a tooling section in the latest PSS, but there has been no input there
      • We should have a maintained tooling inventory with all tools used, created irt projects, workgroups and initiatives, group tools together and give preference.
      • [] Create draft and let the esc review @MZ
      • We reviewed our workgroup name
  • CIMI PSS PID#1316 EST needs to approve it.
    • Discussed the process and the EST Liaison role would be to make sure a list of tools used in CIMI and give periodic as needed update to EST.
    • Motion: EST agrees to be co-sponsor of PID#1316 to oversee the tooling related CIMI work Steve/Michael 5/0/0
  • Liaison report back
    • Matt - v2 Message Workbench progress, no real support, there are still some people using it. Matt follows up with Ted.
  • WGM meeting e-sign in @Wayne
    • Idea is to have something all workgroups can use instead of paper. Google docs is used by e.g. FHIR.
    • Attendees is part of the Agenda / Minutes.
    • Evaluate how we can do this in Confluence.
    • Objective it to have something in place in San Diego.
  • Telecons and times
  • End of meeting