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EST WGM Agenda 2017 Jan

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Electronic Services and Tools - January 2017, San Antonio, TX

Day Date Time   Room Event Host joining Chair Scribe Notes
Monday Jan 16 AM Q1  
Q2 Projects working session (see also ArB Schedule for V3 discussion) EST   David    
PM Q3    
Day Date Time   Room Event Host joining Chair Scribe Notes
Tuesday Jan 17 AM Q1  
Q2 Project updates - Tooling Catalogue, C-CDA Sample Query, JIRA EST   David  
PM Q3 Joint SD EST, MnM, V2 Publishing   Jeff to join?
Day Date Time   Room Event Host joining Chair Scribe Notes
Wednesday Jan 18 AM Q1              
PM Q3  
Day Date Time   Room Event Host joining Chair Scribe Notes
Thursday Jan 19 AM Q1 Strategic planning (current year target based on Catalogue), M&C, SWOT, Meeting times, next WGM quarters EST David
Q2 Update from liaisons to other WG EST Tooling liaisons Jeff  
PM Q3    
Day Date Time   Room Event Host joining Chair Scribe Notes
Friday Jan 20 AM Q1 Joining Templates Templates EST, Patient Care, Structured Docs  
PM Q3              

Mon Q1


  • David Burgess
  • Wilfred Bonney
  • Christopher Stehno
  • Michael van der Zel
  • Brian Pech


  • MnM issue, not enough people to do all the work, move work to other groups ArB
  • EST is co-sponser in Publishing V2 tooling project @Brian. “V2+”, new struct. V2 database @Frank Oemig
    • move away from Ballot spreadsheet to GForge like FHIR does
  • PSS "Vocab and MnM have a project, the Unified Terminology Governance Process project". EST is co-sponsor but needs to vote on that. On the agenda for Tue Q2 EST.
  • EA license doc update – with Dave @Michael
  • We finished the Tooling Inventory project. Now to further gather details by the EST Co-Chairs.
  • Investigating conference call solutions. We've (EST) been testing a couple and like FreeConferenceCall. We want to test with larger group.
  • JIRA / Confluence, no evaluating yet. Wiki is nice but bit to technical. Differences between groups, e.g. minutes, agenda, etc. etc.
  • (e) Tooling Inventory and Architecture, Tooling Catalogue is delivered
    • Where is Architecture of the tool suite??? That is the next step (Goal #2)
    • We have to find better way to communicate solutions (tools) internally, so that WG's now that tools are available and how to use them.
      • e.g. FHIR tooling. What tooling to use for what? e.g. tutorials. Were to go, website etc. EST is not a helpdesk ;-)
      • How do we keep the list up-to-date?
    • Tooling Strategy: This is Goal #01
    • There are some tooling related questions on the form you get when you want to download ballot materials. Ask @Dave about that and get some answers.
  • Co-Chair write-in nomination Brian Pech.

Thu Q1


  • David Burgess (chair)
  • Brian Pech
  • JD
  • Michael van der Zel (scribe)
  • Dave Hamill
  • Wilfred Bonney
  • Wayne Kubrick


  • 2 new projects for EST to co-sponsor / approve
    • Unified Terminology Governance Process - MnM
      • Vocabulary Process to improve harmonization including tooling requirements.
      • Motion: "Approve the Unified Terminology Governance Process PSS" JD/Michael 5/0/0 motion approved
    • Integration of Information Models and Tools (IIM&T) - CIMI - Steve Hufnagel
      • Flag this for the next telecon to talk about this. Review the PSS and the newsletter.
  • EA license doc update
    • The process was changed a bit. Dave updated the document.
    • We walk through the document and review and update the steps.
    • Dave shall update the document on the Tooling and Resources page.
  • Upgrade GForge instance to v6.4.3
    • Informational. HQ will schedule this. See message below.
We've got some great news! GForge AS v6.4.3 was released yesterday and we are working with all of our hosted customers to schedule an upgrade. 
This upgrade is a bit more important than others because we anticipate this will be the last release in the 6.x series before we release GForgeNEXT.
Having your system running v6.4.3 will ensure the upgrade, when it is available, will go smooth.  
To see what's changed in v6.4.3 please read v6.4.3 - ChangeLog

Regarding GForgeNEXT, right now we expect a beta release sometime around Q2 and Q3 this year with the final release ready by Q3/Q4 sometime.  
I know you have a lot of questions and we don't have all the answers, however, we did put together this GForgeNEXT FAQ

What we need from you is to send us a couple of dates that would work for upgrading your hosted GForge instance(s). 
Once we hear back we will work with you to finalize the date.
  • Projects - Review project insight.
    • #794 is on hold, archive it -> This is out-of-the box functionality for Confluence.
      • Motion: "To archive project #794, but include the functionality 'restricted access' in a Confluence Pilot." Wayne/JD 6/0/0
    • #992 is on hold, archive it
      • Motion: "To archive project #992, notify education workgroup." JD/Wayne 6/0/0
      • Dave will contact Education workgroup about this.
    • #1032: on hold
      • Motion: "Keep project #1032 on hold" Dave/Michael 5/0/0 (JD left the room)
    • #1064: on hold
      • Motion: "Close project #1064 and create a new project witch incorporates recommendations from Lorraine Constable project #1303." Wayne/Dave 5/0/0
      • Ways: Talk to Lorraine about what next steps will be. Possibly new project.
    • #1176: updated milestone to Sept 2017
  • Meeting time issue
    • Propose an extra once a month meeting so that people from Australia and Europe can join easier.
    • Normal call at 2pm eastern time every other week. Start new cycle 31-jan. David will schedule calls.
  • New Open Source "group"
    • The group should ask staff (Dave or DJ) to create a list serv for them.
    • There is no formal request yet.
    • Wait for Mission and Charter and then figure out relation with EST group.

Thursday Q2


  • Michael Van der Zel (chair)
  • Wilfred Bonney (HL7 international)
  • Matthew Graham (liaison Mobile Health)
  • Brian Pech (scribe)
  • JD (sparx)
  • Wayne Kubick (HL7)

Introduction of participants.

Tooling liaison reports.

  • Michael van der Zel is working on the MAX tool for CIC. The project is almost complete links can be found on the wiki page and the tool is on Gforge. Next up is an effort to produce a tutorial on how to use it.
  • EHR profiling tool - Lorraine Constable produced an assessment of current use of tool.
  • Education - not represented.
  • FHIR - not represented.
  • Mobile Health - looking at what's available in the short messaging space from external groups. Consumer Mobile Devices is looking at requirements for consumer mobile applications what risks, what standards apply, what criteria to measure these apps against, working with Security and CCIB for coordination purposes. EHR functional modeller could be used to assess mobile apps functionality. (MvZ has done so, in an experimental capacity).
  • Patient Care - nothing to report.
      • Intervening discussion***
  • discussion of various publishing streams here at HL7.
  • General agreement that simplification of the existing processes is an institutional imperative for HL7.
  • EST needs to define a target technical architecture that moves HL7 into a more unified and simplified publishing process.