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ESTWG ConCall-20150820

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EST WG Regularly Scheduled Calls Agendas

Thursday, August 20, 2015


  • Attendees: Jeff Brown, Andy Stechishin (chair), Matt Graham, John Ritter, Dave Hamill (scribe)
  • Regrets:

Agenda Topics

  1. Agenda review and approval (Suggestions or additions to and acceptance of agenda)
  2. Liaison Reports:
    • AID/RIMBAA - Michael Van der Zel
    • CGIT - Rob Snelick
    • CIC - Abdul-Malik Shakir
    • CS (Clinical Statement) - Rik Smithies
    • EHR - John Ritter
    • Education - Diego Kaminker
    • FHIR/FMG - Lloyd McKenzie
    • Marketing - Rene Spronk
    • Mobile Health - Matt Graham
    • Patient Care - Michael Van der Zel
    • Publishing - Andy Stechishin
    • Structured Documents - Jeff Brown
    • Templates - Andy Stechishin
    • Open Health Tools - Andy Stechishin
    • Vocabulary - Woody Beeler
  3. Adjourn


  1. Meeting minutes are sent via email prior to the next meeting via
  2. Approved meeting minutes can be found on the EST WG page at
      • No updates to report
    • CGIT
      • They’ve released the tool; they’re at a static point right now.
    • CIC
      • No updates to report
    • EHR (J. Ritter)
      • The multi-year EHR Profile Designing Tool project, currently in Phase 3 of the project; funding wasn’t available for the entire scope, so the team has reduced the scope into thirds and Gary Dickinson is working/waiting on John Quinn to determine if there is funding.
    • Education
      • The member advantage/tracking advantage project. No status updates to report
    • FHIR/FMG
      • No updates to report
    • Marketing
      • No updates to report
    • Mobile Health (M. Graham)
      • MFHAST (short messaging one) continues to develop use cases and collaboration with outside groups.
      • Mobile Health Application Framework; collaborating with EHR WG. They’re looking at security and use cases.
      • FHIR Framework - PSS being completed and then will go to SD approval in the next month. Project focuses on how to organize mobile health software frameworks. Embraces work of continuum, FHIR, V2, V3 and how to coordinate and exchange information, and have them plug into a common framework.
    • Patient Care
      • No updates to report
    • Publishing (A. Stechishin)
      • Approved the joint PSS to work on the ANT scripts; and passed it to the SD for their review/approval.
    • Structured Docs (J. Brown/A. Stechishin)
      • Wiki Editing Project - EST is managing a Wiki that enables publishing. Andy is investigating pulling content off the wiki to reformat it into our normal format. So far things look good. Hoping this can be used in V3 and other areas.
    • Templates (A. Stechishin)
      • A project is on the horizon to look into having IGs to use the DSTU template formats
    • Open Health Tools
      • MBHT has moved to from OHT. Dave Carlson announced this at CIMI this week in Utah.
    • Vocabulary
      • Russ has been running meetings to move the Vocab tools forward. From the meeting minutes, looks like they’re in the requirements gathering stage.
    • Adjourned 14:40 ET

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