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EHR Records Management & Evidentiary Support (RM-ES) Project

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Project Overview

Welcome to HL7's EHR Records Management & Evidentiary Support wiki page.

The charge of the RM-ES project team is to provide expertise to the EHR work group, other standards groups and the healthcare industry on records management, compliance, and data/record integrity for, EHR systems and related to EHR governance to support the use of medical records for clinical care and decision-making, business, legal and disclosure purposes. The project team will meet this charge by completing the following:

  1. Develop, ballot and refine the EHR-S RM-ES Functional Profile.
    • First RM-ES Profile developed against EHR-S FM Release 1
  2. Inform the EHR-S Functional Model and related standards on records management and evidentiary support functions and conformance criteria.
  3. Monitor and/or collaborate with other standards groups (HL7, ISO, HITSP) as appropriate to provide expertise or to work on joint projects that develop, promote or refine RM-ES requirements for EHRs.
    • HL7 other groups such as the Interoperability Model, Structured Documents, Security
    • International standards organization such as ISO through EHR-S FM
    • Non-HL7 Standards Groups such as HITSP, Canada Health Infoway, etc.
  4. Advocate for RM-ES issues in the healthcare industry as appropriate.

Refer to the RM-ES Project Team Charter for more information.

The 2010 RM-ES Workplan includes detailed information on the activities and work deliverables currently under development by the RM-ES team.

Task Group Leaders

Michelle Dougherty
Phone: 312.233.1914
Harry Rhodes
Phone: 312.233.1119
Work Group Team Members

Meeting Information

The RM-ES project team meets via conference call on a regular basis. The group may schedule a face to face meeting based on need. The RM-ES workgroup will report to the HL7 EHR Workgroup through their regular meetings or at the HL7 meetings.

  • Standing Meeting Date/Time: Mondays at 12 Noon EST /11 AM CST/ 10 AM MST/ 9 AM PST
  • Full Team: Every other Monday for 90 minutes
  • Project teams: Alternate Mondays
  • Call Logistics
    • Phone Number: 770-657-9270
    • Participant Passcode: 510269#

Agendas and Minutes

Project Documents

  1. Crosswalk Project
    • Deliverable: A crosswalk between key criteria between the Lifecycle Model, CDA R2 Header, and RM-ES Profile to determine related metadata concepts and terms and work toward a single list of metadata concepts and definitions where possible.
    • Working Document: RMES CrossWalk Report
  2. Evaluation of NPRM Meaningful Use and IFR Standards and Certification
    • Update on Meaningful Use NPRM & Standards/Certification IFR related to the Record management & Evidentiary Support profile
    • Working Documents
  3. Gap Analysis to determine whether the functional requirements identified in the Legal EHR-S Functional Profile - Release 1 are met by those HL7 standards dealing with records management functionality: Domain Message Information Models: Medical Records Domain Model(RCMR_DM000050UV), Clinical Document Architecture Release 2(CDA R2)and its Implementation Guides. Secondly, this analysis will look at how the infrastructure functions common across EHR-Systems but identified as essential now by the Legal EHR-S Functional Profile - Release 1 are supported by HL7 security and privacy specifications (e.g. HL7 Role-Based Access Control Specification, and the Composite Privacy Consent Domain Analysis Model DSTU).
    • Deliverable: Analysis of all conformance criteria that are associated with a function with priority "Essential Now" (EN) that meet the following:
      • The Function is NEW in the Legal EHR-S Functional Profile - Release 1 . For Example Legal Hold Notice was added as "NEW" with a priority of "EF" while 2.2.1 Metadata General is marked NEW with a priority fo "EN".
      • The Conformance Criteria are marked to have been "added" (A) or "modified" (M)

Completed/Archived Projects

This section contains Projects and associated documents that have been completed and/or archived.

  1. ProjectName

RM-ES Standards Projects

  1. The RM-ES Funcitonal Proflie Release 1 is registered on the HL7 EHR Work Group’s functional profile website, which is hosted by the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST).
  2. The RM-ES Functional Profile Release 2 project is scheduled to be launched in July 2010
  3. The EHR-S Functional model Release 1 Standard is available from the ANSI Approved Standards website.
  4. The EHR-S Functional Model Release 2 project information is available from the EHR Workgroup Wiki

RM-ES Correspondence, Comments and Letters

EHR RM-ES Resources

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