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EHR Records Management & Evidentiary Support (RM-ES) Project

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Project Overview

Welcome to HL7's EHR Records Management & Evidentiary Support wiki page.

The charge of the RM-ES project team is to provide expertise to the EHR work group, other standards groups and the healthcare industry on records management, compliance, and data/record integrity for, EHR systems and related to EHR governance to support the use of medical records for clinical care and decision-making, business, legal and disclosure purposes. The project team will meet this charge by completing the following:

  1. Develop, ballot and refine the EHR-S RM-ES Functional Profile.
    • First RM-ES Profile developed against EHR-S FM Release 1
  2. Inform the EHR-S Functional Model and related standards on records management and evidentiary support functions and conformance criteria.
  3. Monitor and/or collaborate with other standards groups (HL7, ISO, HITSP) as appropriate to provide expertise or to work on joint projects that develop, promote or refine RM-ES requirements for EHRs.
    • HL7 other groups such as the Interoperability Model, Structured Documents, Security
    • International standards organization such as ISO through EHR-S FM
    • Non-HL7 Standards Groups such as HITSP, Canada Health Infoway, etc.
  4. Advocate for RM-ES issues in the healthcare industry as appropriate.

Refer to the RM-ES Project Team Charter for more information.

The 2010 RM-ES Workplan includes detailed information on the activities and work deliverables currently under development by the RM-ES team.

Task Group Leaders

Michelle Dougherty
Phone: 312.233.1914
Harry Rhodes
Phone: 312.233.1119
Work Group Team Members

Meeting Information

The RM-ES project team meets via conference call on a regular basis. The group may schedule a face to face meeting based on need. The RM-ES workgroup will report to the HL7 EHR Workgroup through their regular meetings or at the HL7 meetings.

  • Standing Meeting Date/Time: Mondays at 12 Noon EST /11 AM CST/ 10 AM MST/ 9 AM PST
  • Full Team: Every other Monday for 90 minutes
  • Project teams: Alternate Mondays
  • Call Logistics
    • Phone Number: 770-657-9270
    • Participant Passcode: 510269#

Agendas and Minutes

Project Documents

  1. Crosswalk Project
    • Deliverable: A crosswalk between key criteria between the Lifecycle Model, CDA R2 Header, and RM-ES Profile to determine related metadata concepts and terms and work toward a single list of metadata concepts and definitions where possible.
    • Working Document: RMES CrossWalk Report
  2. Evaluation of NPRM Meaningful Use and IFR Standards and Certification
    • Update on Meaningful Use NPRM & Standards/Certification IFR related to the Record management & Evidentiary Support profile
    • Working Documents
  3. Gap Analysis to identify gaps, overlaps, and conflicts between those HL7 standardsa that support the Legal and Evidentiary EHR to determine whether the functional requirements identified in the Legal EHR-S Functional Profile - Release 1 are met by those HL7 standards dealing with records management functionality: Domain Message Information Models: Medical Records Domain Model(RCMR_DM000050UV), Clinical Document Architecture Release 2(CDA R2)and its Implementation Guides. Secondly, this analysis will look at how the infrastructure functions common across EHR-Systems but identified as essential now by the Legal EHR-S Functional Profile - Release 1 are supported by HL7 security and privacy specifications (e.g. HL7 Role-Based Access Control Specification, and the Composite Privacy Consent Domain Analysis Model DSTU). Additionally, if any other work that is dones We will also look at areas of overlaps without attempting to specify the authoritative specification.
    • Deliverable: Analysis of all conformance criteria that are associated with a function with priority "Essential Now" (EN) and "Essential Future" that meet the following:
      • All functions in the Legal EHR-S Functional Profile - Release 1 . For Example Legal Hold Notice was added as "NEW" with a priority of "EF" while 2.2.1 Metadata General is marked NEW with a priority fo "EN". Our analysis will look at both the
      • The Conformance Criteria are marked to have been "added" (A) or "modified" (M) will constitute gap analysis criteria across standards
      • This gap analysis will use the terms and conventions clarified in the RMES CrossWalk Report.

Completed/Archived Projects

This section contains Projects and associated documents that have been completed and/or archived.

  1. ProjectName

RM-ES Standards Projects

  1. The RM-ES Funcitonal Proflie Release 1 is registered on the HL7 EHR Work Group’s functional profile website, which is hosted by the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST).
  2. The RM-ES Functional Profile Release 2 project is scheduled to be launched in July 2010
  3. The EHR-S Functional model Release 1 Standard is available from the ANSI Approved Standards website.
  4. The EHR-S Functional Model Release 2 project information is available from the EHR Workgroup Wiki

RM-ES Correspondence, Comments and Letters

EHR RM-ES Resources

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