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Working Document Stages

To Facilitate movement of files through the various processes needed to produce a final Release 2 product for balloting and to identify the stage that the document is in at any point in time, the following five stages have been defined:

  • Stage 0 Team being formed.
  • Stage 1 Excel Spreadsheets Undergoing Task Group Review
    • Task is to consolidate R2 inputs into a single column to advance for further review
  • Stage 2 Excel Spreadsheet Undergoing conversion into Word (Zip file may contain both Excel and Word files during Stage 2)
    • Task is to convert these files that have completed Stage 1 review into the R2 Word format and provide columns to document Glossary team review
  • Stage 3 Word Files Undergoing Glossary Team Review
    • Task is for Glossary Team to review these Word files and standardize criteria wording in accordance with the new Verb Hierarchy and EHR-FM Glossary
  • Stage 4 Word Files Undergoing Task Group Final Review
    • Task is to conduct a final content review for appropriateness of functions and criteria, identify/resolve issues, and bring outstanding issues to WG for resolution.
  • Stage 5 Word Files Ready for Publication Team
    • Task is to convert these Word files that have been approved by the WG into XML
  • Stage 6 XML Files Ready for Ballot

Working Documents Instructions

  • Each section of the EHR-S Functional Model has been split into sections so that it can be worked on by each task group.
  • The Task Group Lead will update the file by loading an update to the Wiki and updating the "Last Updated" date.
  • As the section is ready for progression to the next stage, the "Stage" indicator will be updated.
  • The following links will ALWAYS ONLY INCLUDE THE LATEST VERSION OF THE SECTION. Earlier versions may be retrieved using the Wiki File History features.

Direct Care Section

Supportive Section

Infrastructure Section

  • Infrastructure 2.0 Functions
    • Lead: Gary Dickinson (
    • Status: row-by-row review complete, re-organization and extraction to go