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EHR Interoperability WG

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The HL7 Electronic Health Record (EHR) Interoperability Work Group is an activity of the HL7 EHR Work Group.

Please subscribe to the HL7 EHR Interoperability listserver for meeting announcements, agendas and updates regarding current work.

Note: DRAFT documents may be incomplete and are posted for Team review and discourse. Please take care to note their draft (tentative) status if referencing or sharing with others.


HL7 EHR/PHR Standards

System Functionality Standards

Record Interoperability Standards

US Office of National Coordinator (ONC), "Record to Rely On" Workshop, 29 November 2016

Leads: Mark Knee JD, Elise Sweeney Anthony JD, Mike Lipinski JD

US Office of National Coordinator - Interoperability Standards Advisory (ISA)


EHR-S Record Lifecycle Event Implementation Guide

AuditEvent and Provenance Profiles

W5 Report (Who, What, When, Where, Why)

FHIR Implementer's Safety Check List

Interoperability Assessment

Blockchain for Health/Healthcare (Public Journal)

International Patient Summary (INTERPAS/IPS)

Meaningful Use 2015 Edition Functional Profile (of ISO/HL7 10781 EHR-S FM Release 2)

Leads: Gary Dickinson, Mark Janczewski MD, Anneke Goossen

Meaningful Use 2014 Edition Functional Profile (of ISO/HL7 10781 EHR-S FM Release 2)

Leads: Gary Dickinson, Diana Warner, Hetty Kahn, Anneke Goossen

EHR as Legal Record Project

HL7 EHR and Records Management-Evidentiary Support (RM-ES) WGs

Leads: Gary Dickinson, Reed Gelzer MD, Diana Warner

Record Entry Lifecycle Event Metadata using FHIR (Fast Health Interoperable Resources) - Project Now Complete

Lead: Gary Dickinson

Record Lifecycle, Provenance and Vocabulary Alignment - Project Now Complete

Record Lifecycle, Security, Privacy, and Provenance Vocabulary Alignment

Leads: Reed Gelzer, MD, Diana Proud-Madruga


US ONC Standards and Interoperability Framework

2011-2016 Use Case Initiatives - Transitions of Care, Lab Results, Provider Directory, Digital Certificate, et al.

Cross Initiative Work Group - S&I Simplification

ISO/HL7 10781:2017 EHR-S FIM Release-3 2014-Planning

Gary Dickinson, co-chair and Steve Hufnagel PhD, project-facilitator

EHR-S FIM is EHR System Function-and-Information Model, release-3 planned for '2017 joint ISO/HL7-International ballot

EHR-S and PHR-S FIM, Release-3 2012 Prototype

Steve Hufnagel, Facilitator and Gary Dickinson, co-chair


- add conceptual information and data model for each Release 2.0 EHR-S FM function
- make the EHR-S FM easier  to use for architects, analysts and engineers
- verify and validate EHR-S FM Release 2.0
- DSTU demonstration for Service Aware Interoperability Framework (SAIF) 
- Support specific profiles (e.g., WG project DAMS, DIMS, DCMS).






US HITECH Act - EHR Incentive Program - Stage 1 - Final Regulations (2011 Edition)

US HITECH Act - EHR Incentive Program - Stage 2 - Final Regulations (2014 Edition)

US HITECH Act - EHR Incentive Program - Stage 3 - Final Regulations (2015 Edition)

US ONC Final 10 Year Interoperability Roadmap

US ONC Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking

Metadata Standards to Support Nationwide Electronic Health Information Exchange

ISO 16223 - Standards Convergence to Promote EHR Interoperability

Key Reference Documents

2009 ANSI HITSP Foundations Framework Simplification Strategy