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==HITSP Privacy Foundation==
==HITSP Privacy Foundation==
*[[media:080220HITSP-Privacy-Applied.pdf|HITSP Privacy Foundation - Applied to EHR Lifecycle Events, review draft dated 20 Feb 2008]]
*[[media:080220HITSP-Privacy-Applied.pdf|HITSP Privacy Foundation - Applied to EHR Lifecycle Events, review draft revised 20 Feb 2008]]
==ONC/AHIC 2008 Use Cases==
==ONC/AHIC 2008 Use Cases==

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Following is a collection of documents and development work of the HL7 EHR Interoperability WG. The WG meets most Tuesdays at 2PM ET. All are welcome! (Please subscribe to the HL7 EHR Interoperability listserver for meeting announcements and updates on current work.)

Note that work in progress documents may be incomplete and are posted for Team review and discourse. Please do not reference or share these drafts without permission of the author.


New Draft Standards for Trial Use

Key Reference Documents

HITSP Privacy Foundation

ONC/AHIC 2008 Use Cases

ONC/AHIC/HITSP Use Case Alignment w/HL7 EHR/PHR Models

>>>>> Contact Gora Datta to participate -

  • Chapter x - Year 2 Quality Reporting - IN DEVELOPMENT

>>>>> Contact Kim Salamone to participate -

  • Chapter x - Year 3 Remote Monitoring - IN DEVELOPMENT

>>>>> Contact Sherry Selover to participate -

ONC/AHIC/HITSP Use Case Alignment Templates