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==Teleconference Minutes==
==Teleconference Minutes==
[[media:071030EHR-Interop-Minutes.pdf|Minutes for 30 October 2007]]
*[[media:071030EHR-Interop-Minutes.pdf|Minutes for 30 October 2007]]
==ONC/AHIC/HITSP Use Case Alignment Templates==
==ONC/AHIC/HITSP Use Case Alignment Templates==
[[media:HL7-EHR-PHR-Align-template.doc‎|Alignment Template]]
*[[media:HL7-EHR-PHR-Align-template.doc‎|Alignment Template]]
*[[media:Instructions_for_template.xls|Template Instructions]]

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A collection of documents and discussions of the HL7 EHR Interoperability Project Team. These are work-in-progress documents. Official documents are posted on the HL7 web site (EHR document library)

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Teleconference Minutes

ONC/AHIC/HITSP Use Case Alignment Templates