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*IN.1 Security
*IN.1 Security
*IN.2 Health Record Information and Management
*IN.2 Health Record Information and Management

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The purpose of this page is to capture all comments of the Dutch EHR TC for the Ballot of EHR-S FM R2.

Original Working Documents of the International EHR WG: EHR_R2:Working_Documents.

Direct Care




Information Infrastructure

Michael van der Zel (lead), Serge Fransen

"The Information Infrastructure section consists of common functions that support the Direct Care and Supportive Functions."

First Comment Only Ballot ???

Plan van aanpak:

  1. Controlleer links (see also and criteria links)
  2. Check weights
  3. Check if we don't miss criteria or functions
  4. ...


  • IN.1 Security
  • IN.2 Health Record Information and Management
  • IN.3 ?Registry services and directories
  • IN.4 Standard Terminologies and Terminology Services
  • IN.5 Standards-based Interoperability
  • IN.6 Business Rules Management
  • IN.7 Workflow Management
  • IN.8 Database Backup and Restore
  • IN.9 Record Archive and Restore
  • IN.10
  • IN.11
  • ?Application Performance
  • ?Store and Manage Health Record Indicators