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==Working Documents==
==Working Documents==
[[EHR: R2 Working Documents|Release 2 Working Documents]]
[[EHR: R2 Working Documents|Release 2 Working Documents]]
**[[Media:Ambulatory Oncology EHR Functional Profile.doc|Ambulatory Oncology EHR Functional Profile Overview]] ''2010/03/04''
**[[|EHRS_FM_R2_Planning_Comparison_Spreadsheet_v1_26_20100312]] ''2010/03/12 zip file''
**[[|EHRS_FM_R2_Planning_Comparison_Spreadsheet_v1_26_20100312]] ''2010/03/12 zip file''

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Welcome to the Electronic Health Records Work Group Wiki Site. On these pages we will manage notes and discussions in progress to support the development of the materials by the Electronic Health Record Work Group.

Working Group Overview Information


Co-Chair: Don Mon PhD (Term ends in January 2011)

American Health Information Management Association
Phone: 312-233-1135

Co-Chair: John Ritter (Term ends in January 2011)

College of American Pathologists
Phone: 847-832-7732

Co-Chair: Gary Dickinson (Term ends in January 2012)

Phone: 951-536-7010

Co-Chair: Patricia Van Dyke (Term ends in January 2012)

Delta Dental Plans Association
Phone: 503-243-4492

Meeting Information

Project Information

Project Status
HL7 White Paper: Balancing the Integrity and Value of Personal Health Records with Consumer Adoption, Current Health Information Technology Standards, and Privacy Rights

Project contact: John Ritter;

Ambulatory Oncology EHR-S Functional Profile

Delivery of a Functional Profile for an ambulatory oncology setting based on, and conformant to, the ANSI approved June 2009 EHR-S Functional Model release 1.1.
Project contact: Helen Stevens;
Oncology Functional Profile Project Wiki
List Service:

Diabetes Data Strategy

The scope for this project is to focus on the minimum data set and data standards in EHR systems for diabetes assessment in children in outpatient clinic settings, based on clinical and business requirements. The intention is to determine the data require...
Project contact: Don Mon;
Diabetes Data Strategy Project Wiki

HL7 EHR System Functional Model Release 1 (ISO Ballot Project)

The HL7 EHR System Functional Model provides a reference list of functions that may be present in an Electronic Health Record System (EHRS). The function list is described from a user perspective with the intent to enable consistent expression of system f...
Project contact: Don Mon;

EHR Vital Records Functional Profile (Roadmap Project #4 (one of many))

The goal of the Electronic Health Record System Vital Records (VR) Functional Profile Project is to create an HL7 EHR-S Functional Profile that will facilitate leveraging electronic health record (EHR) systems to capture vital records (Birth and Death-rel...

CDAr2 Reference Profile for EHR Interoperability

The Profile shows how HL7's Clinical Document Architecture Release 2 (CDAr2) fulfills requirements of the Common EHR Record Unit, as specified in the HL7 EHR Interoperability Model DSTU (EHR/IM, published February 2007). The re-use of a document-oriented ...
Interoperability Project Wiki
List Service:
Project contact: Gary Dickinson

EHR Release II

EHR Release 2 Project Wiki

3-Year Plan Item

Electronic Health Record Lifecycle Model

The EHR Lifecycle Model (EHR/LM) is a supplement to the HL7 EHR Interoperability Model DSTU (EHR/IM, published February 2007). The EHR/LM expands the specification of record lifecycle events described in the underlying EHR/IM. These events describe behavi...
Project contact: Gary Dickinson

On Hold
EHR Interoperability Model - EHR/IM

This project will produce a draft standard specifying, as requirements, the interoperability characteristics of electronic health records.
Interoperability Project Wiki
List Service:
Project contact: Gary Dickinson

On Hold

Working Documents

Release 2 Working Documents


  • Primary List for Electronic Health Records:
  • EHR Care Profiles Model :
  • EHR Clinical to Business Functions of EHR-S:
  • EHR Conformance Criteria:
  • EHR Data Content Standards:
  • EHR Direct Care Functional Description:
  • EHR DSTU Ballot Question and Answer:
  • EHR ePrescription, Pharmacist/Pharmacy Provider Functional Profiles:
  • EHR Infostructure Functional Description:
  • EHR Interoperability:
  • EHR Legal:
  • EHR MFS Acute Large and Small Settings:
  • EHR MFS Ambulatory Care Setting:
  • EHR MFS e-Prescribing:
  • EHR MFS Nursing Home Care Setting:
  • EHR Minimum Function Sets:
  • EHR Model Working Group
  • EHR Models Announcement:
  • EHR Oncology EHR Project:
  • EHR Personal Health Record Linkage:
  • EHR Profile Setting Teams, Ambulatory:
  • EHR Publishing:
  • EHR Security and Privacy Expert Panel:
  • EHR Supportive Functional Descriptions:

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