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Draft Recommendation for Item 2 (Harold Solbrig)

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Missing value reasons are intended to supply information as to why a data element value was missing (null) on a form, in a transaction, in a data record or as recorded in any other information resource. Note that MVR's are not to be used to indicate negative or indeterminate results. As an example, if a test is performed and the result is negative (no growth, absent, etc), this is a value that should be reported as a result. MVR's serve to clarify why the information is absent, not a particular state of the information.
Missing Value Reasons
nestingDepth conceptCode conceptName description
1 NI NoInformation No information whatsoever can be inferred from this exceptional value. This is the most general exceptional value. It is also the default exceptional value.
2     MSK masked There is information on this item available but it has not been provided by the sender due to security, privacy or other reasons. There may be an alternate mechanism for gaining access to this information. Note: using this null flavor does provide information that may be a breach of confidentiality, even though no detail data is provided. Its primary purpose is for those circumstances where it is necessary to inform the receiver that the information does exist without providing any detail.
3         REF refused The patient our other information source refused to supply the information for unspecified reasons.
2     NA not applicable No proper value is applicable in this context (e.g., last menstrual period for a male).
2     OTH other The actual value is not an element in the value domain of a variable. (e.g., concept not provided by required code system).
3         NINF negative infinity Negative infinity of numbers.
3         PINF positive infinity Positive infinity of numbers.
2     UNK unknown A proper value is (may be?) applicable, but not known.
don't know (synonym for UNK)
3         NASK not asked This information has not been sought (e.g., patient was not asked)
not sought (synonym for NASK)
not tested (synonym for NASK)
not obtained (synonym for NASK)
not examined (synonym for NASK)
not evaluated (synonym for NASK)
3         NDONE not done This procedure to acquire this result was not performed
3         NSPEC not supplied by the source system The source of the information didn't supply it for unspecified reasons.
3         TRC trace The content is greater than zero, but too small to be quantified.
3         ASKU asked but unknown Information was sought but not found (e.g., patient was asked but didn't know)
4             NAV temporarily unavailable Information is not available at this time but it is expected that it will be available later.