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== Description ==
== Description ==
Parent:  COCS_DM000000  
Parent:  COCS_DM000000  

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Parent: COCS_DM000000

Observation Supporting Information CMET

Observation supporting information provides the ability to include relevant supporting information for an observation. This CMET allows information related to a variety of act types to be associated with an observation. Currently, it is expected that supporting information will constitute one of the following: an instance of medication administration or the intent to administer medication, an observation intolerance or allergy, a procedure or the intent to perform a procedure, a diagnosis, or a general (generic) observation.

In the case of medications and procedures, it is assumed that now participation or additional act relationship information will be included. The reader should refer to the relevant CMET discussions for information on participations and act relationships for intolerances, diagnoses, and/or general observations.