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PSS under development to replace older project (#1103).
PSS logged in [ Project Insight #1277]
Update 2017.07.27It has been approved by the co-sponsors and is about to be circulated for DESD review and approval.
Update 2017.08.03PSS circulated for DESD review and approval.
NOTE:  Replaces  older project (#1103).
==Issues/Hot Topics==
==Issues/Hot Topics==

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Devices on FHIR home page

HL7 FHIR home page

HL7 main wiki page

Project Information

The Devices on FHIR (DoF) Project: Device Data Reporting is focused on ...

  • Advancing a consistent use of FHIR resources to represent device-acquired data
- Device, DeviceComponent, DeviceMetric & Observation
  • Advance DeviceComponent & DeviceMetric to FHIR Maturity Model Level #2 (FMM2)
  • Support FHIR Connectathon activities for validating device informatics scenarios
  • Develop a DoF IG to support consistent technology usage
  • Possibly create one or more white papers to address topics for future standardization, such as device-sourced alerting or device control

Project Sponsor: Health Care Devices

Project Co-Sponsors:

Project Insight #1277

Meeting Information

Weekly meeting information available at Devices on FHIR home page

Contact Todd Cooper for assistance.


PSS logged in Project Insight #1277

Update 2017.08.03: PSS circulated for DESD review and approval.

NOTE: Replaces older project (#1103).

Issues/Hot Topics

Topics include:

  • Mapping from the 11073 information model (for PoCD and PHD modalities) to Version 2 and FHIR

Project Documents

NOTE: Additional project documents will be located on GForge as they are developed.