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DoF PoCD 2018-04-02

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Devices on FHIR Point-of-Care Device Tech Call 2018-04-02

Last meeting: DoF PoCD 2018-03-26

Attendance: Koichiro Matsumoto (Nihon Kohden), Stefan Karl (Philips), George Dixon (AllScripts), Michael Faughn (Prometheus Computing / NIST), Paul Schluter (CMI)


Device - DeviceComponent "merger"

Issues from last Wednesday "all-DoF" meeting with presentation from Brian Reinhold on the topic

Some proposed features discussed:

  • proposed "inlining" of one level of revisions for firmware, software, hardware
  • serial number shows up in identifier and UDI
  • Use full production spec (along with "inlined" top level information) for cases when it is needed:
    • in component id cases where needed
    • non-inlined cases such as Continua version

This meeting: Presentation from Stefan Karl of a clinfhir logical model of a refactored Device resource for discussion at next Wednesday "all-DoF" meeting

Design goals: flexibility to accommodate b

Link to model:

Some features:

  • version changed from simple in-line to repeatable complex with elements type, component, value to allow for devices needing to represent multiple version kinds: firmware, software, hardware, possible multiple components each having, for example, a firmware version
  • partNumber inlined - usually only one needed per device

Next meeting: DoF PoCD 2018-04-09