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DoF PoCD 2018-02-19

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Devices on FHIR Point-of-Care Tech Call - Ballot Resolution 2018-02-09

Attendance: Stefan Karl, Michael Faughn, Ken Fuchs, John Rhoads (notes)

Agenda: discuss suggested resolutions for ballot comments related to Point-of-Care Device Implementation Guide on 2018 JAN ballot. See tracker items for followup text with the suggestions.

  • 15373 Clarify requirement (or not) for MDC code - 2018-Jan PoCD #40 ()

Since this Implementation Guide is built on the use of DeviceComponent and DeviceMetric resources to represent functional components using the concepts of the IEEE 11073 model applied to a point-of-care device, it is logical to use the associated nomenclature. In Observation, this context is not necessarily used, but it is reasonable for this Implementation Guide to require that a consistent nomenclature be used, which does not preclude the use of additional codes such as LOINC or SNOMED.

  • 15343 Loosen selected bindings to a value set vs. a Fixed Value - 2018-Jan PoCD #10 ()

Consensus was that this comment is persuasive, with the advantage that concepts not currently in standards codes, such as for new proprietary observations, can be used.

See also Devices on FHIR (Devices WG) Full list of 2018JAN PoCD Comments