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DoF PoCD 2018-02-19

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Devices on FHIR Point-of-Care Tech Call - Ballot Resolution 2018-02-09

Attendance: Stefan Karl, Michael Faughn, Ken Fuchs, John Rhoads (notes)

Agenda: discuss suggested resolutions for ballot comments related to Point-of-Care Device Implementation Guide on 2018 JAN ballot. See tracker items for followup text with the suggestions.

  • 15373 Clarify requirement (or not) for MDC code - 2018-Jan PoCD #40 ()

Since this Implementation Guide is built on the use of DeviceComponent and DeviceMetric resources to represent functional components using the concepts of the IEEE 11073 model applied to a point-of-care device, it is logical to use the associated nomenclature. In Observation, this context is not necessarily used, but it is reasonable for this Implementation Guide to require that a consistent nomenclature be used, which does not preclude the use of additional codes such as LOINC or SNOMED.

  • 15342 Change DeviceMetric.color & DeviceComponent Channel profile color extension to have a data type of CodeableConcept - 2018-Jan PoCD #9 ()

Agree. Should permit use of other color coding systems as well as the MDC color codes.

  • 15343 Loosen selected bindings to a value set vs. a Fixed Value - 2018-Jan PoCD #10 ()

Consensus was that this comment is persuasive, with the advantage that concepts not currently in standards codes, such as for new proprietary observations, can be used.

  • 15351 Field "color" should use more appropriate coding scheme - 2018-Jan PoCD #18 ()

Agree in essence; our suggested resolution for *15342 remedies this.

See also Devices on FHIR (Devices WG) Full list of 2018JAN PoCD Comments