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These individuals also supported the event:
These individuals also supported the event:
::* '''Todd Cooper''' (
:* '''Todd Cooper''' (
::* '''Sungkee Lee'''  (
:* '''Il Kon Kim''' (
::* '''John Rhoads'''  (
:* '''Sungkee Lee'''  (
:* '''John Rhoads'''  (
== Activities ==
== Activities ==

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Devices on FHIR (DoF) Event @ 2017 - January IHE North American Connectathon in Cleveland, USA

The Devices on FHIR team working with IHE USA held its first event in Cleveland Ohio, January 24-26 2017, as part of the IHE NA CAT'17. This wiki page provides information for use by the participants during the "plug-a-thon" event.


These organizations and individuals participated in the DoF event:

DoF 2017-01 IHE NA CAT Participants
Organization Participant Email Systems Resources / Profiles
HealthAll Hyoungho Do PillBox Device TBD
Karos Health Oleksi Derkatch Patient Demo. Server TBD
KNU Jungmin In BP Application (server & consumer) TBD
KNU Hyeongseok Jeon Server TBD
Med-Stack Balaji Gopalan server TBD
Med-Stack Simon Woodside server TBD
Philips Shashank Shekhar Vital Signs Monitor Device TBD

These individuals also supported the event:

  • Todd Cooper (
  • Il Kon Kim (
  • Sungkee Lee (
  • John Rhoads (


1. Connect the device data sources to servers to "consuming" Applications
  • Philips => KNU => App (HA / KNU)
  • HA => MS => App (HA / KNU)
2. Align the device information per the "profiling" developed by the DoF group (see reference information below
3. Connect with Patient servers
4. Switch / integrate additional servers

Reference Information

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