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DoF 2017-10-18

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Meeting Information

NOTE: Updated with HL7 FreeConferenceCall Info
Online Meeting
ID: devicesonfhir
Dial-in Number
United States: (605) 475-4793
Access Code: 399374
International Dial-in Numbers:


  • Todd Cooper, Chris Courville, John Dyer, Michael Faughn, Stefan Karl, Ana Kostadinovska, Joe Quinn, Brian Reinhold, John Rhoads, Martin Rosner, Paul Schluter

Regrets: Ken Fuchs, John Garguilo


  • Introductions, Agenda Review, etc.
  • Approve Minutes from previous meeting / call -- DoF_2017-10-11 APPROVED
  • General Updates:
- DevDays in November
- IHE DoF Plug-a-thon in January
- Announcement: Furore acquired by Conclusion; announcement is HERE; no near term impact anticipated
  • IEEE 11073 FHIR Information Page review
- Copyright Language - Waiting for response from Kathryn re. proposed wording
  • ACTION( TC ) Check in with Kathryn
- Section Change to indicate that RefID's are typically all upper case except in a few cases such as ECG lead identifiers
- Propose "11073MDC" as the page name (
- ACTION( all ) Review the page for edits and content
  • PHD IG Update
- Brian provided an overview of the PHD IG
- Discussion around profile detail display: differential from base Resource only?
  • Stefan exported from Forge directly to Simplifier resulting in both the base and differential "snapshot" content being included in the IG; Brian will try this for the next iteration of the PCHA PHD IG
- PHD RTSA Formalization => Zulip discussion around diagnostic waveform formalization
  • There has been some discussion on Zulip around medical (diagnostic ECG?) waveform formalization; John Rhoads are reaching out to those discussing (from Philips China & GE) to bring them into the DoF discussion
  • Though the PHD RTSA is simpler than that of the PoCD the general approach for how the information is formalized in DeviceMetric (PoCD) and Observation should be the same
- Ballot Cycle - Primary DoF work in coming weeks is to prepare the IG content (PHD & PoCD) for formal ballot; Content freeze is December 17th (see HL7 General Ballot Countdown Schedule for 2018 January PDF

NOTE: Ran out of time at this point ... PoCD pushed to the top of next week's agenda

  • PoCD IG Update
  • New Business