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DoF 2017-10-11

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Meeting Information

NOTE: Updated with HL7 FreeConferenceCall Info
Online Meeting
ID: devicesonfhir
Dial-in Number
United States: (605) 475-4793
Access Code: 399374
International Dial-in Numbers:


  • Todd Cooper, John Dyer, Ken Fuchs, Koi, John Garguilo, Stefan Karl, Ana Kostadinovska , Koichiro Matsumoto, Jörg-Uwe Meyer, Ali Nakoulima, Beth Pumo, Joe Quinn, Brian Reinhold, John Rhoads, Martin Rosner, Paul Schluter

Regrets: None


  • Introductions, Agenda Review, etc.
  • Approve Minutes from previous meeting / call -- DoF_2017-09-27 APPROVED
  • IG NIBs Review
- NOTE: PHD IG NIB Submitted
- Review PoCD IG NIB for Approval
  • Add to the draft PoCD NIB: Jan Wittenber + stakeholders: government agencies & HIT developers and integrators
  • APPROVED (Motion by John Rhoads, Seconded by John Garguilo; no negatives / abstentions)
  • 11073 / MDC FHIR Documentation Page Review
- Using MDC with FHIR
- Using ASN1 BITS with FHIR
- Brian provided an update of the page content; needs broader review
- NOTE: Grahame added some comments about readability for those not familiar with the terminology; request "write" access to view those comments
- Schedule review for next DoF call (10/18/2017)
  • UDI for Composed Devices (PoCD)
- Stefan Karl to review proposed approach for devices that contain multiple UDIs (and other related information)
- NOTE: PDFs distributed to DoF e-mail list before meeting
- Stefan reviewed containment models of the proposed approach (Model #1, Model #2, Model #3)
- Group discussed efficiency vs. using the UDI (and other data elements) in multiple Device resources; though this adds additional Device instances, the containment is only represented in the DeviceComponent linkages and the UDI information is located in a single resource (Device).
- ACTION: Communicate this approach to Hans @ OO and schedule a discussion if needed

NOTE: Ran out of time here ...

  • PHD IG Update / Review
  • Brian has made considerable progress using the "Azure" template HERE; will review on the next call
  • PoCD IG Update: Organization / Outline review
  • Reviewed the Azure template HERE and will review IG in progress on next call.
  • Tooling Updates (Confluence / JIRA / Forge / Simplifier)
  • New Business