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* '''New Business
* '''New Business
* '''Plan next meeting''' - '''''[[DoF_2017-10-04| DoF 2017-10-04 (CC & WebEx)]] '''''
* '''Plan next meeting''' - '''''[[DoF_2017-10-11| DoF 2017-10-11 (CC & WebEx)]] '''''

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Meeting Information

NOTE: Updated with HL7 FreeConferenceCall Info
Online Meeting
ID: devicesonfhir
Dial-in Number
United States: (605) 475-4793
Access Code: 399374
International Dial-in Numbers:


  • Todd Cooper, Chris Courville, Stefan Karl, Jörg-Uwe Meyer, Ken Fuchs, Paul Schluter, Ana Kostadinovska, Muhammad Asim, Brian Reinhold, John Rhoads, Martin Rosner, Michael Faughn, John Dyer, John Walsh, Joe Quinn, John Garguilo

Regrets: None


  • Introductions, Agenda Review, etc.
  • Approve Minutes from previous meeting / call -- DoF_2017-09-20 APPROVED
  • Review Key Decisions & Issues from San Diego Meetings
- John Rhoads presented draft notes from the recent San Diego meetings
- NOTE: Provisionally posted on the HL7 DEV WG Meeting Minutes folder
- @ Swapna / LOINC-11073 Mapping, need to have a clear path to address different levels of granularity (M:N relationships) and pre-/post coordination (e.g., glucose before / after meals, or with body site included, etc.) ;
- (Walsh) Questioned why there are synonyms in LOINC for 500ish mappings to 11073 - this will only cause confusion on the part of implementers - what is the value?! Going from ideal of one solution for one semantic to ... "chaos"
- (Todd) Please add an item to Mapping for LOINC-11073 Mapping Principles
- (Schluter) Already mapping from vendor proprietary to standardized terminology
  • NIBs Review
- Martin reviewed the PHD NIB for the next ballot cycle
- NIB was updated and APPROVED by meeting participants
  • Observation Vital Signs Profile / LOINC Requirement Solution - update
- (Brian) Proposed to add a "null" LOINC code indicating that it hasn't been normalized to LOINC; may or may not be a vital sign
- NOTE: There is also a discussion afoot about multiple LOINC codes for the same semantic (one more general / one more specific)
- (Chris) DEV WG was going to set up a follow-up meeting with Swapna regarding this and specific mappings for the 8 codes that are identified in the profile
- ACTION: Schedule time with Swapna to discuss the mappings
- ACTION: Coordinate approach with OO on "null" code
  • PHD Containment w/o Device resources
- (Asim) PCHAlliance has balloted FHIR Guidelines w/o Device resource, making it difficult to change at this point; should advance to "trial use" to see how it works
- Next opportunity for harmonization will be after implementation experience, at the implementation guide
- Still unclear how such a disconnect could happen in the DoF discussions; but that is history at this point
  • PoCD & PHD DIM Comparisons (Faughn)
- Michael compared the PoCD and PHD ASN.1 data types using his DIM tooling; not finished is a comparison at the object level (e.g., Metric in PoCD vs. PHD)
  • (Brian) in the data model, such as the Metric object, Type, Metric ID, ID List, Partition, Timestamps, etc. How do these match between the two?
- There are significant differences between these, with few shared data types and numerous cases where there is the same ASN.1 structure names but different content
- CONCLUSION: There is little value in trying to establish a common set of FHIR profiled artifacts that are leveraged by the PHD and PoCD IGs
- PHD & PoCD harmonization will have to be pursued at the IG level

<Additional topics pushed to next DoF call>

  • 11073 / MDC FHIR Documentation Page Review
  • PoCD IG ToC Discussion
  • Tooling Updates (Confluence / JIRA / Forge / Simplifier)
  • New Business