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[[Category: DoF meeting]]
[[Category: DoF meeting]]
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==Meeting Information==
==Meeting Information==

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Meeting Information

NOTE: Updated with HL7 FreeConferenceCall Info
Online Meeting
ID: devicesonfhir
Dial-in Number
United States: (605) 475-4793
Access Code: 399374
International Dial-in Numbers:


  • Todd Cooper, John Dyer, Ken Fuchs,John Garguilo, Stefan Karl, Ana Kostadinovska, Asim Muhammad, Allen Patin, Brian Reinhold, Martin Rosner, John Rhoads, Paul Schluter

Regrets: None


  • Introductions, Agenda Review, etc.
  • Approve Minutes from previous meeting / call -- TBD San Diego WGM Minutes for Review
- TBD - Review Draft Meeting Notes Next Week
  • Review Key Decisions & Issues from San Diego Meetings
- Observation resource LOINC requirements ... Solution?
- PHD Containment: Not using Device? Why?
- Alert Data Model
- Vocabulary (Terminology) Service (Grahame's initiative) -
  • 11073 MDC Documentation Page (similar to /loinc.html page)
- Develop page @<???>.html - need to come up with the name
- Develop linkage between terminology service to NIST RTMMS for medical device terminology
  • Vet the code system resource + making publicly consumable
  • Value sets that could be used with profiles
  • ConceptMap that embodies 11073-LOINC mapping
  • FAQ for IP / licensing / royalties that can be used in pages like <???>.html
- See Google doc page that Brian started - Need to distribute to group for crowd sourcing
- See Malcolm's posting of the same material
- LOINC 11073 Vetting Process ("Venue", HL7 FHIR component, ...)
- Mapping of pre-coordinated LOINC terms to 11073 (M:N mappings)
- Comparison of PoCD & PHD Models for commonalities using the NIST / Prometheus DIM Profile Editor
  • Review FHIR Profiling / IG Planning
- Review planning diagram from San Diego
- (Brian) Update on action items
  • "PHD" simplifier space created in Simplifier for PHD IG
  • FAQ doc for loinc.html has been started
  • December Ballot Readiness Assessment - Submit NIB?
- (Martin) Will distribute draft PHD IG NIB (for STU) to the DoF list for discussion next week (9/27)
- (Rhoads) For PoCD IG NIB (for Comment) - discuss content next week (9/27)
  • Review Tooling support: Confluence / JIRA / Forge / Simplifier
- Rhoads working with HL7 staff to get Confluence space & JIRA project created for DoF usage
- Intent is to migrate HL7 FHIR wiki content to the Confluence space
- Report status update @ 9/27 meeting
  • Next DoF Events
- DevDays in Amsterdam this November
- FHIR Connectathon & IHE DoF Plug-a-Thon in January 2018
  • New Business
- NIBs Review
- PHD Containment w/o Device resources
- PoCD IG ToC Discussion
- Tooling Updates