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Meeting Information

NOTE: Updated with HL7 FreeConferenceCall Info
Online Meeting
ID: devicesonfhir
Dial-in Number
United States: (605) 475-4793
Access Code: 399374
International Dial-in Numbers:


Todd Cooper, John Dyer, Ana Kostadinovska, Allen Patin, Brian Reinhold, John Rhoads, Martin Rosner, Paul Schluter, Ron Verd


  • Introductions, Agenda Review, etc.
  • Approve Minutes from previous call -- 2017-08-30 APPROVED
  • Report from Korea Connectathon
- Todd provided an update from various events in Korea the last two weeks ...
  • IHE Korea Connectathon 2017 - included six companies testing IHE PCD DEC w/ WS* transport
  • DoF seminars were presented in Daegu & Seoul, focusing on containment models & conformance
  • DoF Plug-a-thon was held at Samsung Medical Center, including 1/2 day of training + 1 day of "plugging"; most of the 15+ participants had little to no experience, and by the end of the event were able to use PostMan to send FHIR bundles between systems (acting as either DOR or DOC systems). Very successful.
  • Stefan Karl - presentation on physiological monitor profiling work
- Stefan reviewed updates to the Furore Simplifier PoCD project, extending the profiling of containment for MDS, VMD and Channel adaptations of DeviceComponent
- These will be further extended during the upcoming FHIR Connectathon in San Diego
- One question that needs to be resolved is where formal FHIR extensions will be persisted. One option is
  • Discussion - how to proceed on modeling for Alarms
- John Rhoads reviewed the modeling discussion and indicated that after reviewing the work on FHIR-based alarm distribution at West Health, a simpler approach should be taken, more aligned with updates to the IHE PCD ACM profile.
- This will be discussed at more length in the upcoming San Diego WGM.
  • New Business
  • Next web meeting: TBD
  • Next F2F meetings
  • September 9-15, 2017 San Diego, CA @ HL7 WGM (+ FHIR Connectathon)