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DoF 2017-02-01

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Meeting Information

WebEx (incl. VOIP): CLICK HERE
Phone: +1 770-657-9270
Participant Code: 432584


  • Björn Anderson (Univ. of Lübeck), Muhammad Asim (Philips), Barry Brown (Motara), Lorraine Constable (HL7 Canada), Todd Cooper (BSF), John Dyer (Draeger), Ken Fuchs (Draeger), John Garguilo (NIST), Stefan Karl (Philips), Bill Kleinbecker(Strategic Pathways), Ana Kostadinovska (Philips), Sungkee Lee (KNU), J. Uwe Meyer (MT2IT), Renjith Nair (Cohere Med), Ali Nakoulima (Cerner), Joseph Quinn (Optum), Brian Reinhold (LNI), John Rhoads (Philips), Paul Schluter (GE)

Regrets: Chris Courville (Epic)


  • Introductions, Agenda Review, etc.
  • Approve Minutes from previous call 2017.01.11 Deferred
  • HL7 San Antonio WGM Report (January 16-20)
> Primary FHIR discussion was a review of review items Lloyd McKenzie sent out before the meetings (open change proposals, ballot comments, quality metrics, etc.)
> Quality metrics are the primary task for the DoF group as there is an effort to finalize the STU3 by the end of February
> (Brian) What happened with adding production specification to Device?
- (Lorraine) it was discussed during an OO session, and there wasn't support for making the change nor anyone to argue in favor
- (Todd) Options are to extend Device to add this (a very frequent use within FHIR) or leverage DeviceComponent, etc.
- ACTION: Schedule a follow-up discussion this Friday at 08:00 Pacific with Brian, Sungkee, John Roads, Ana, Uwe and Ali.
> ACTION: Schedule a general discussion Monday / Tuesday for the QA report items
> NOTE: The next meeting on the 8th will be primarily focused on resolving the open quality issues
  • IHE NA CAT 17 DoF Event Report
> See DoF @ IHE NA CAT17 Wiki Page
> Successful exchange of FHIR content from three devices (vitals monitor, BP simulator and a "pill box" based on 11073-10472), four servers, and two applications
> One exercise included mapping from the 11073-10472 standard to FHIR based on Brian's last posted spreadsheet. Issues were identified and will be review during the session this Friday.
  • HIMSS'17 Showcase Update
> HIMSS approved a coordinated DoF - HSPC demonstration during the upcoming HIMSS'17 conference in the Interoperability Showcase
> Use case will be postnatal preeclampsia, with a Continua enabled home BP and medication montior, a CDS system monitoring patient progress, and a Philips vital signs monitor for when the mother is readmitted.
> NOTE: Most of these exchanges were tested during the Cleveland event.
> John Rhoads will check to see if a patient BP simulator could be provided at the showcase - one that you can attach the device
  • DoF 2017 Program Discussion
> Todd reviewed feedback captured during an evening DoF event in Cleveland the previous week. Participants identified 2017 objects including
- Terminology formalization, SMART on FHIR applications, use cases for care contexts that span from home to acute care, sandboxes, automated service discovery, simulators and test data, hack-a-thon events - especially to engage app developers and researchers
> Ali asked about PCD profiles that might be addressed; the group identified DEC + PIV + RDQ as good candidates; Ken asked whether FHIR was better positioned for streaming use cases or pub/sub on-demand access; in general FHIR is best for on-demand, but it is also being used for streaming as an alternative to the PCD-01 V2-based transactions.