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DoF 2016-12-21

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Meeting Information

WebEx (incl. VOIP): CLICK HERE
Phone: +1 770-657-9270
Participant Code: 432584


  • Henrique Amaral (Siemens Brazil), Björn Anderson (Univ. of Lübeck), Todd Cooper (BSF), John Dyer (Draeger), Michael Faughn (NIST / Prometheus), Ken Fuchs (C4MI), John Garguilo (NIST), Sungkee Lee (KNU), Koichiro Matsumoto (NKC), Andrew McCaffrey (NIST), J. Uwe Meyer (MT2IT), Renjith Nair (COHERE-MED), Joe Quinn (Optum), Brian Reinhold (LNI), John Rhoads (Philips), Paul Schluter (GE)

Regrets / Holiday Vacation: Chris Courville (Epic)


- mHealth Conference report out - No one attended
- IEEE PHD Meetings (Reported by Brian)
- @ Continua plugfest, focus was on BLE which continues to present PnP challenges
- @ IEEE PHD meetings, started FHIR discussion; however, but only a mention given the rest of the agenda
- AAMI Standards Week report
- Ken Fuchs ...
- Interoperability WG (IWG) 3 days
- TIR 75 Factors to Consider When Multi-Vendor Devices Interact Via an Electronic Interface discussion (Michelle Jump / Stryker lead)
- ICE Black Box Recorder discussion - continued resolution of scope and definition
- John Rhoads - Same as Ken + DoF not relevant to the discussions, at least at this point in time
- FDA CDRH NEST Public Workshop Update (reported by Todd Cooper)
- Todd presented on DoF at the FDA's NEST public workshop (National Evaluation System for healthcare Technology)
- Primary focus was leveraging FHIR technology coupled with UDI-based tracking to provide surveillance of device use and effectiveness
- Semantic Mapping Update (Rhoads)
- Continue to update the wiki content; Stefan Karl provided good input
- @ IEEE PHD - Use of UDI ... need to finalize where the ProductionSpec goes in FHIR
- NOTE: General discussion about the need for FHIR PROFILES
  • Topic: Tooling @ NIST
- Faughn & Garguilo reporting ...
- planning on support, probably starting with Continua FHIR profiles (given the maturity of device specialization specifications
- Intent is to use the DIM Editor (MyDevice profiler) to create specifications that are then translated to FHIR Profiles
- Currently supporting PHD, with PoCD in process
- NIST IGAMT is good for V2, looking at possible use for FHIR capabilities
  • C4MI Update on FHIR
- Ken Fuchs reported C4MI's considerations around supporting FHIR
- After evaluating many protocols, FHIR-based interfaces for the device interface makes sense
- Performing architectural / technical gap analysis for what would be needed for using FHIR in a device
- PnP support? Scalability to 1,000's of devices? Peer-to-peer communication? Command & Control support?
- TBD what and whether this is advanced via HL7 for DoF - depends on what will be required
- V2 (incl. PCD DEC) is in C4MI's Phase 1 effort, but will not take much effort given its maturity
- Security is a major challenge ...
- MLLPS (over transport w/ TLS) or HTTPS are under consideration
- OAuth2 or WS Security not under consideration
- NOTE: HL7 over HTTP / HTTPS has been implemented in a project in Ontario CA
  • Connectathon / Showcase Planning
- January IHE Connectathon Discussion -
- Objectives: Standardized device data representation + consumer apps "hack-a-thon" +
- See use case topic below ...
- Possible joint effort with proposed mHealth Plug-a-Thon
- HIMSS Interoperability Showcase
  • Topic: FDA UDI + PCIM Scenarios for January / February Events (ALL)
- Discuss how we might integrate FDA UDI implementation (both IHE PCD @ V2 & DoF) with the PCIM use case scenarios for January testing
  • Topic: Round-table discussion of participants' interest in DoF for 2017 (All)
- Continued open discussion of each participant regarding what they / their organization would like to see accomplished in 2017 with DoF
  • Topic: DoF Agenda @ HL7 WGM January in San Antonio w/ DEV WG (Co-Chairs)
- Open discussion of what topics should be prioritized for the January WGM in San Antonio
  • Additional Business