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DoF 2016-12-07

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Meeting Information

WebEx (incl. VOIP): CLICK HERE
Phone: +1 770-657-9270
Participant Code: 432584

'NOTE: AAMI Standards Week in Florida - numerous participants were there limiting the discussion


  • Todd Cooper (BSF), John Dyer (Draeger), John Garguilo (NIST), Stefan Karl (Philips), Andrew McCaffrey (NIST), J. Uwe Meyer (MT2IT), Brian Reinhold (LNI), Paul Schluter (GE),

Morris (???)

Regrets: Björn Andersen (Univ of Lübeck), Chris Courville (Epic)


  • Introductions, Agenda Review, etc.
  • Approve Minutes from previous call 2016.11.30 APPROVED
  • Activity / Action Item Review
- Semantic Mapping Update (Rhoads)
  • Connectathon / Showcase Planning
- Bi-weekly Virtual Connectathon Update
- January IHE Connectathon Discussion - See use case topic below ...
- HIMSS Interoperability Showcase
  • Topic: FDA UDI + PCIM Scenarios for January / February Events (ALL)
- Discuss how we might integrate FDA UDI implementation (both IHE PCD @ V2 & DoF) with the PCIM use case scenarios for January testing
- See the IHE PCD Point-of-care Identity Management (PCIM) White Paper
- Factor in FDA National Evaluation System for healthcare Technology (NEST)
  • Topic: Round-table discussion of participants' interest in DoF for 2017 (All)
- Open discussion of each participant regarding what they / their organization would like to see accomplished in 2017 with DoF
  • Topic: DoF Agenda @ HL7 WGM January in San Antonio w/ DEV WG (Co-Chairs)
- Open discussion of what topics should be prioritized for the January WGM in San Antonio
- Paul Schluter (GE)
- #1 Profiles aligned with containment per NIST tools (RTMMS & Prometheus Device Profiler)
- #2 C4MI 1:1 alignment on FHIR specifications
- #3 Message structure aligned with V2 IHE PCD profiles - can translate from one to the other without information loss
- #4 Develop verification tooling (such as provided by NIST for V2)
- Uwe (MT2IT)
- MT2IT working on a common platform - Health Services Application Platform (HSAP) SEE SLIDES HERE
- Platform under development; could use for future connectathons, though will not be ready in January; collaborating with Draeger for information exchange;
- Garguilo: Comment re the diagram - FHIR arrows w/o 11073 indicates non-11073 nomenclature / semantics; should add / update to show standardized content with most flows
- Uwe confirmed that DoF semantic mapping is key
- Uses microservices w/ Microsoft OpenWeb Interface (OWIN)
- Intent is to provide as an open platform (perhaps with HSPC); may publish in GitHub
- Status of HSPC @ DoF?
- Stefan Karl (Philips)
- PoCD mapping - what is missing in the FHIR specification to support point-of-care device information?
- Alarm definitions and controls
- Brian Reinhold (LNI / Continua)
- #1 is resolving Device and DeviceComponent definitions
- FHIR alternative to IHE PCD-01 transaction which is used for the Continua WAN interface
- NOTE: Content will be equivalent to what was specified in the V2 specification
- NOTE: Implementers didn't embrace V2 transaction + use is from the Personal Health Gateway (PHG) and not the device interface
- Coherent semantics with the CDA Personal Health Monitoring Report (PHMR), being updated to support FHIR