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DoF 2016-10-26

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Meeting Information

WebEx (incl. VOIP): CLICK HERE
Phone: +1 770-657-9270
Participant Code: 432584


  • Todd Cooper (BSF), Chris Courville (Epic), Ken Fuchs (C4MI), John Garguilo (NIST), Stefan Karl (Philips), Bill Bill Kleinebecker (StrategicPathways), Ana Kostadinovska (Philips), Sungkee Lee (KNU), J. Uwe Meyer (MT2IT), Brian Reinhold (LNI), Joseph Quinn (Optum), John Rhoads (Philips), Stefan Schlichting (Draeger)

Regrets: None


  • Introductions, Agenda Review, etc.
  • Approve Minutes from previous call 2016.10.12 - DEFERRED
  • Activity / Action Item Review
- DoF PSS Work Program Review (Todd)
  • Todd mentioned that the DEV WG FHIR PSS includes other activities that we need to get on with, including an IG and possible white papers
  • John Rhoads provided an update on his mapping efforts:
- Reminder: This is a map from X73 (DIM) to IHE PCD-01 (V2) to HL7 FHIR
- Starting to put the information up on the DoF wiki (specific location TBD)
- Creating an XML Schema to generate web page version of the mapping spec
- Will also work on generation of HTML renderings as well
- NOTE: Todd mentioned a new CIMI-based PSS to establish a Common Logical Model; ACTION (Todd) will forward the information to the DoF list for consideration
- CP & Ballot Comment Resolution (continued) (Chris)
  • NOTE: OO "owned" comments planned to be resolved at this Thursday's OO FHIR session.
  • CP# 11044: CLOSED Follow-Up: Courville to update to explain that DeviceMetric is not an observation but is instead Meta data for a parameter and thus makes sense to stay as Administration
  • CP# 11042: CLOSED Follow-Up: Garguillo will take this - make update to 11073 OID
  • CP# 11041: CLOSED Follow-Up: Garguillo will take this - make update to 11073 OID
  • CP# 11006: CLOSED Follow-Up: Chris - Add in that profiling Device would be a solution here if ProductionSpec cannot be added to Device, or add a new tracker item for relaxing lastSystemChanged requirement
- NOTE: Or PHD can formalize in an IG that the DeviceComponent lastSystemChanged data element is fixed to a known value
  • Note also Schlichting's proposal from the discussion earlier in October: We can relax “lastSystemChange” with one side condition: Only if the device is static you are allowed to do so. Which will not be the case if you have a PoCD type of device. We introduced it as a ordering possibility of the configuration as well as the states of a device.

So a PoCD device with a DeviceComponent that has something like operationalstate will need the lastSystemChange flag. If you just want to use the prodspec and a type then you go without it.

- What is the impact on implementation technologies (e.g., HAPI FHIR ) to support profiled Resources? (Todd will follow-up)
  • CP# 10575: DEFERRED Follow-Up ...
- Dr. Rhoads - is going to take this on for an initial pass
- Verify: Device / DeviceComponent / DeviceMetric all contain both static and dynamic elements
  • Connectathon / Showcase Planning - General Updates
- Bi-weekly CDS Virtual Connectathon Update
  • Next session will be November 8th.
  • TBD - Todd still trying to get links to detailed instructions for accessing and developing to the SandBox w/ HAPI FHIR 2.0 support
  • CDS guys still want device engagement but need story lines to build to
- Uwe, Brian & Stefan Schlichting want to participate in the Friday use case discussion; Doodle poll is @ (here)
  • TBD - CareWeb application status in sandbox, but ...
- CDS guys want to establish the story lines that can be used
- Note the current sprint info @ (CDS Connectathon Project Tracking)
- Esteban's ability to support will be finalized by COB this week
- November DevDays Continua Connectathon Update
  • Who is planning in participating? As observer or participant?
  • Brian, Draeger, Sefan Karl & Asim (Philips) planning on participating; Epic will be there observing
  • TBD on technical details leading up to the testing event itself; intent is to include testing of the mappings discussed in recent weeks.
- January Connectathon Track Proposal Discussion
  • See below ...
  • Topic: January HL7 FHIR Connectathon Use Cases
- Need to decide ASAP the use case(s) we are going to target for this January, and the testing from here to there.
- Consider the 2016-09 FHIR Connectathon @ 2016 September Connectathon Device Integration track proposal page
  • Little time left for significant discussion, but reviewed the referenced page above for the 2016-09 FHIR Connectathon
  • Same general categories of Acute Care (PoCD) and Personal Device (PHD) reporting cases
  • @ PHD: Perhaps pull in some fitness monitoring use cases OR senior-at-home monitoring use cases
  • Also consider UDI and PCIM related stories
  • NOTE: This will be discussed in the Friday session mentioned above (with the Doodle poll link)
  • Topic: Coincident Timestamp Pair Encoding Proposal (Reinhold) DEFERRED TO NEXT WEEK