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DoF 2016-10-26

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Meeting Information

WebEx (incl. VOIP): CLICK HERE
Phone: +1 770-657-9270
Participant Code: 432584


  • TBD

Regrets: TBD


  • Introductions, Agenda Review, etc.
  • Approve Minutes from previous call 2016.10.12 - DEFERRED
  • Activity / Action Item Review
- DoF PSS Work Program Review (Todd)
  • Todd mentioned that the DEV WG FHIR PSS includes other activities that we need to get on with, including an IG and possible white papers
  • John Rhoads provided an update on his mapping efforts:
- Reminder: This is a map from X73 (DIM) to IHE PCD-01 (V2) to HL7 FHIR
- Starting to put the information up on the DoF wiki (specific location TBD)
- Creating an XML Schema to generate web page version of the mapping spec
- Will also work on generation of HTML renderings as well
- NOTE: Todd mentioned a new CIMI-based PSS to establish a Common Logical Model; ACTION (Todd) will forward the information to the DoF list for consideration
- CP & Ballot Comment Resolution (continued) (Chris)
  • NOTE: OO "owned" comments planned to be resolved at this Thursday's OO FHIR session.
  • CP# 11044: CLOSED Follow-Up: Courville to update to explain that DeviceMetric is not an observation but is instead Meta data for a parameter and thus makes sense to stay as Administration
  • CP# 11042: CLOSED Follow-Up: Garguillo will take this - make update to 11073 OID
  • CP# 11041: CLOSED Follow-Up: Garguillo will take this - make update to 11073 OID
  • CP# 11006: CLOSED Follow-Up: Chris - Add in that profiling Device would be a solution here if ProductionSpec cannot be added to Device, or add a new tracker item for relaxing lastSystemChanged requirement
- NOTE: Or PHD can formalize in an IG that the DeviceComponent lastSystemChanged data element is fixed to a known value
  • Note also Schlichting's proposal from the discussion earlier in October: We can relax “lastSystemChange” with one side condition: Only if the device is static you are allowed to do so. Which will not be the case if you have a PoCD type of device. We introduced it as a ordering possibility of the configuration as well as the states of a device.

So a PoCD device with a DeviceComponent that has something like operationalstate will need the lastSystemChange flag. If you just want to use the prodspec and a type then you go without it.

- What is the impact on implementation technologies (e.g., HAPI FHIR ) to support profiled Resources? (Todd will follow-up)
  • CP# 10575: DEFERRED Follow-Up ...
- Dr. Rhoads - is going to take this on for an initial pass
- Verify: Device / DeviceComponent / DeviceMetric all contain both static and dynamic elements
  • Connectathon / Showcase Planning - General Updates
- Bi-weekly CDS Virtual Connectathon Update
  • Next session will be November 8th.
  • TBD - Todd still trying to get links to detailed instructions for accessing and developing to the SandBox w/ HAPI FHIR 2.0 support
  • CDS guys still want device engagement but need story lines to build to
- Uwe, Brian & Stefan Schlichting want to participate in the Friday use case discussion; Doodle poll is @ (here)
  • TBD - CareWeb application status in sandbox, but ...
- CDS guys want to establish the story lines that can be used
- Note the current sprint info @ (CDS Connectathon Project Tracking)
- Esteban's ability to support will be finalized by COB this week
- November DevDays Continua Connectathon Update
  • Who is planning in participating? As observer or participant?
  • Brian, Draeger, Sefan Karl & Asim (Philips) planning on participating; Epic will be there observing
  • TBD on technical details leading up to the testing event itself; intent is to include testing of the mappings discussed in recent weeks.
- January Connectathon Track Proposal Discussion
  • See below ...
  • Topic: January HL7 FHIR Connectathon Use Cases
- Need to decide ASAP the use case(s) we are going to target for this January, and the testing from here to there.
- Consider the 2016-09 FHIR Connectathon @ 2016 September Connectathon Device Integration track proposal page
  • Little time left for significant discussion, but reviewed the referenced page above for the 2016-09 FHIR Connectathon
  • Same general categories of Acute Care (PoCD) and Personal Device (PHD) reporting cases
  • @ PHD: Perhaps pull in some fitness monitoring use cases OR senior-at-home monitoring use cases
  • Also consider UDI and PCIM related stories
  • NOTE: This will be discussed in the Friday session mentioned above (with the Doodle poll link)
  • Topic: Coincident Timestamp Pair Encoding Proposal (Reinhold) DEFERRED TO NEXT WEEK