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DoF 2016-09-28

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Meeting Information

WebEx (incl. VOIP): CLICK HERE
Phone: +1 770-657-9270
Participant Code: 432584


  • Barry Brown (Motara), Todd Cooper (BSF), Chris Courville (Epic), Ken Fuchs (C4MI), John Garguilo (NIST), Stefan Karl (Philips), Bill Kleinebecker (Strategic Pathways), Sungkee Lee (KNU), Uwe Meyer (MT2IT), Brian Reinhold (LNI), John Rhoads (Philips), Paul Sherman (IHE PCD)

Regrets: TBD


> APPROVED 2016.09.14 & 21-22
> DEFERRED 2016.09.07 until completed
> ACTION( Garguilo / Rhoads ) Post Baltimore minutes to HL7 DEV WG Minutes page
  • DoF @ Baltimore WGM Action Item Review
- Ballot Comment Resolution - schedule session ... post FHIR Core changes by 11 / 27 (not 11/11 as in the slides)
> ACTION( Courville ) Discuss ballot comments at next DoF meeting 10/5
- Otherwise additional changes will have to wait until STU4
- CP Review / Resolution - schedule specific session(s) ... resolve by 2016 October 9
> ACTION( Courville ) Discuss CPs at next DoF meeting 10/5
- 11073 BITS to FHIR - Formalize Resolution
> @ Baltimore, Ewout tentatively approved approach BUT wanted to confer with others before finalizing
> Brian waiting for that confirmation from Ewout
> Discussion around how to formalize the BITS mapping ...
- Formalize in an HL7 IG, or in IEEE?
- Is this a similar problem to the mapping of other coding systems?
- Approach not limited to FHIR ... so should formalize in a broader context
- NIST RTMMS - Should this be used as in other mapping situations?
- ACTION( Cooper ) Once Brian has received the thumbs up from Ewout, socialize how best to formalize with a broader set of SME's / stakeholders, including Ewout, Geimer, McQuaid, Christof Gessner, Ted Klein, etc.
- NOTE: This may require a new focused PSS in HL7, since it is broader than the currently approved FHIR PSS
- Topics Deferred ...
- Mapping 11073 to FHIR Resources / Profiles
- To Profile or Not to Profile (80/20 Rule)
> Plus: DoF profile, Continua profile, IHE profile, HSPC or CDS profile ... !
- Containment Tree for PoCD & PHD
- Why these resources? Scaling from pumps to scales …
- Mapping "production"
- Terminology Bindings (esp. 11073 & LOINC)
- DeviceComponent: lastSystemChange 1..1?
- Regulatory Status Indicator
- IG Production
- Security Considerations
- PCIM – ‘Procedure’ Use (Ioana’s proposal)
- Waveforms in FHIR: Info for IG
- Topic Discussion Planning
  • Connectathon / Showcase Planning
- HSPC vs. CDS Cognitive Platforms
> Noted that the process has begun by the CDS folks to migrate the HAPI FHIR test sandbox from Cognitive to HSPC
> Tuesday A.M. (Pacific) Bi-Weekly test sessions have been initiated, with the next scheduled for 10/11
> ACTION( Cooper ) Pass Uwe's contact information to Claude for addition to the virtual testing list
- CDS Virtual Connectathons - every other Tuesday starting 9/27
- DevDays / November 11th: Who? What? Coordination
> At this point, there has been little to no technical coordination between the DoF effort and the DevDays device connectathon track
> NOTE: DevDays DoF participants includes Uwe, Esteban, Brian and Draeger
- FHIR Connectathon 2017 January: Target?
- IHE Connectathon 2017 January: Target?
> 'ACTION( Cooper / Garguilo ) Determine test tooling needed for the IHE NA CAT17 in January in Cleveland
> ACTION( Cooper ) Get additional testing information added to the IHE USA DoF and NA CAT17 Testing Options web pages
> ACTION( Cooper ) Send links to DoF for mACM and MHD IHE profiles that include FHIR
  • Topic: FHIR Resource Mapping: STU3 Scheme (Schlichting)