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DoF 2016-08-10

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  • Todd Cooper (BSF), John Garguilo (NIST), Bill Kleinebecker (Strategic Pathways), Asim Muhammad (Philips), Joe Quinn (Optum), Brian Reinhold (LNI), John Rhoads (Philips)


  • Introductions, Agenda Review, etc.
  • Approve Minutes from previous call 2016.08.03 APPROVED
  • 11073 to FHIR (and V2) Mapping Update
> Rhoads looking at up FHIR production mechanisms for mapping tables
> BIT-String Mapping Issue - still TBD resolution
- Looking for an alternative to multiplying nomenclature value sets
- This has been added to the Baltimore DEV WG Agenda
- ACTION( Todd ) Make sure this is added to the Baltimore agenda / should be via the Tracker item review
- ACTION( Todd ) Roadmap - Include BIT-S in the November testing cycle
> Brian sent out an updated spreadsheet with the PHD mappings
> ACTION( Todd ) Post Brian's latest spreadsheet to the mapping wiki page
> ACTION( Todd & John R.) Provide some examples of PoCD on-the-wire messages (based on 11073-10201 and 11073-20101)
- Look at new Device Mapping to FHIR wiki page
> ACTION: Review next time (ran out of time this day)
  • Action Item Review (see previous minutes above)
> ACTION(Todd) Contact the group responsible for these two resources and ensure that the DoF team is included
> ACTION(Todd) confer with the FHIR powers to see if they can provide clarity on these (mapping publication) questions
> ACTION(Todd] Provide a more complete PoCD PCD-01 message example to the group
> ACTION(Todd) get URL from Ewout for this [November] server + timing and conditions for use
  • September Connectathon & WGM Update
> CDS group is updating their platform to sync with HAPI FHIR 2.0; this will take another week or two
> Should be able to provide a URL by 8/22 week for device content testing
> ACTION( DoF ) Provide CDS group with sample resource profiles and messages / "bundles"; these should support both PoCD and PHD
> NOTE: Mapping must be completed ASAP!
> Will security be included in the Connectathon or discussed during the Baltimore meetings?
- ACTION( Todd ) Will ask the connectathon list ... doubt it, though, since the primary focus is on core capabilities of FHIR spec
  • Related IHE PCD Profiles - Update / Discussion
> What IHE PCD (functional) profiles should be considered for FHIR-based alternative implementations: DEC, ACM ... PIV, IPEC, PCIM, RDQ ...
- NOTE: IHE PCD profiles today use HL7 V2.6 messaging with primarily IEEE 11073 device content
> @ PCIM Rhoads provided the group with a general overview of the document about to be published
- Discussion about use of FHIR Encounter resource to record this association
- Rhoads (editor of the PCIM profile) pointed out that this was not the original intent of Encounter and that it doesn't easily support the requirements in PCIM
- ACTION( Rhoads & Cooper) Engage Ioana, Ewout and others regarding how best to use FHIR to achieve the requirements identified in PCIM.
- ACTION( Cooper ) Add to Baltimore discussion agenda