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DoF 2016-08-03

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  • <TBD>


  • Introductions, Agenda Review, etc.
  • Approve Minutes from previous calls:
  • DEV WG FHIR PSS - Status Update (Cooper)
  • DoF Roadmapping Discussion Preview
  • Resource Status: DeviceUseRequest, DeviceUseStatement
  • Final Review of FHIR Documentation Updates (Courville)
  • Mapping Update (Rhoads)
  • DIM to FHIR
  • DIM to V2 to FHIR
  • FHIR Connectathon Updates
  • 2016 September (Baltimore WGM)
- Who will be participating - F2F / Remotely
- Who has used a public FHIR server
- CDS Support (specifically for devices):
> Identify device partners (Todd)
> Integrate device with HAPI FHIR Server (Claude with support from Todd)
Need to specify topic, event type, …
> Need to adapt CareWeb plugin to visualize device discrete data/waveform (Esteban)
> CDS applied to device data (tentative: for-connectathon)
- Waveform data?
  • 2016 November (Amsterdam DevDays)
- Coordination with Continua & Furore (Ewout)
- ?V2 to FHIR Mapping Service?
- Use of FHIR DevDays (Furore) server?
  • DEV WG Baltimore (2016.09) Meetings
  • Post Connectathon "Mortem" (Saturday evening or Sunday?)
  • Who will be @ DEV WG meetings?
  • Topics for DEV-FHIR Joint Session?
- FMM Status Update
- FHIR Connectathon Report
- Roadmap Review: PSS, Connectathons, etc.
- General DoF Issues Review (collected between here and there)
- <Other?>
  • Other Business