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DoF 2016-07-27

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  • Todd Cooper (BSF), Chris Courville (EPIC), Bill Kleinbecker (Strategic Pathways), Parris Lucas (Ascom), Brian Reinhold (LNI), John Rhoads (Philips)


  • Introductions, Agenda Review, etc.
  • DEV WG FHIR PSS Update (Cooper)
- New FHIR PSS has been approved by all co-sponsors and is submitted for HL7 Leadership Review
- Melva Peters (DESD Chair) asked to update with milestone dates - though the FHIR PSS instructions seemed to indicate otherwise
> DECISION: Todd will update the PSS to include milestones associated with the next 3 WGM (September, January & May)
  • FHIR Connectathon Update
- Todd updated the group on discussions with the HL7 CDS Collaborative who will support consumption of device data
- Intent is to leverage a CareWeb plug-in app to render both parametric and waveform data; device vendors will push updates to a FHIR Server which will then use EPS to publish to the CareWeb app.
- Key individuals are on vacation - so more details will be presented in the next meeting
- Additional discussion topics:
> Patient device association management?
> CDS use case? vs. just displaying data in a flowsheet app
> Android-based mobile app?
> "Programmable web"
> SMART on FHIR applications?
  • Device Resources Documentation Update (Courville)
- Chris reviewed the remainder of the DeviceComponent and DeviceMetric documentation updates
- DECISION: Group will have one more week to review and suggest changes; to be finalized at the 2016.08.03 meeting
  • Mapping (Rhoads)
- Reviewed a MindMap of the data elements to be mapped
- Reviewed a FHIR mapping spreadsheet (on GForge) - Rhoads updated with columns to support DIM, V2 and DoF mapping
- QUESTION (Reinhold): Is there a current example of a PCD-01 message ... from the wild?!
> (Rhoads) Will provide to the group
- "Facets" present another problem in the V2 => FHIR mapping; especially between PoCD and PHD V2 mappings
- John will continue to update the mappings for presentation at the next meeting