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'''Upcoming Meetings'''
'''Upcoming Meetings'''
[[DoF_2017-09-07 | DoF 2017.09.07 (CC & WebEx)]]   
[[DoF_2017-09-06 | DoF 2017.09.06 (CC & WebEx)]]   
NOTE:  Additional Meetings are F2F in San Antonio (2017 JAN)  & Madrid (2017 MAY) @ HL7 WGM and Cleveland at the IHE Connectathon
NOTE:  Additional Meetings are F2F in San Antonio (2017 JAN)  & Madrid (2017 MAY) @ HL7 WGM and Cleveland at the IHE Connectathon

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The Devices on FHIR (DoF) initiative is focused on advancing healthcare (including medical device) informatics within HL7 FHIR architectures and use contexts / implementation.

<TBD: pull over content / wording per the 201609 connectathon proposal page>

This work is being coordinated with other organization(s), including:

  • IHE Patient Care Device (PCD) working group
  • ISO/IEEE 11073 (both acute care & personal health)
  • PCHA / Continua Alliance
  • ...

DoF E-Mail List An HL7 e-mail list has been created for these FHIR-based device informatics activities:

Activities / Projects Supporting FHIR-based Healthcare Device Informatics

HL7 DEV WG FHIR Projects (formal)

DoF FHIR Project: Device Data Reporting - Focus is on getting current resources to FMM2, developing an initial IG, etc., focused on communication of basic device-acquired information.

Device Semantic Mapping to FHIR

A key element to the DoF work is to ensure consistent and coherent mapping of device semantics from the ISO/IEEE 11073 domain information model (DIM) and related terminology to HL7 constructs, both V2 - which is in wide production system use today for device information reporting - and FHIR.

A DoF Device Information Mapping wiki page provides an anchor for these discussions.

Device-Related FHIR Resource Maturity Improvement

<TBD: include new PSS form including work contemplated for the 201609 connectathon>

<TBD: include the various activities / plans to advance to FMM2 here>

FHIR Connectathon Activities

The DoF team is working to advance the maturity and capabilities of FHIR components to support device informatics, including establishing active and consistent participation in FHIR Connectathon events.

2017 May Madrid HL7 WGM Connectathon

2017 January DoF Event @ IHE North American Connectathon in Cleveland

See 2016 September Connectathon Device Integration track proposal page.

Subsequent FHIR connectathons will address ...

  • Distributed alarm management (bi-directional with persons)

NOTE: Intent is to work to coordinate this work with that of the IHE PCD to address FHIR-based profiling and testing including at the North American Connectathon.


Weekly meetings scheduled through 2017; see the DEV WG web page for meeting / call details

Upcoming Meetings

DoF 2017.09.06 (CC & WebEx)

NOTE: Additional Meetings are F2F in San Antonio (2017 JAN) & Madrid (2017 MAY) @ HL7 WGM and Cleveland at the IHE Connectathon

Completed Meetings w/ Notes

DoF 2017.08.30 (CC & WebEx)

No meeting 2017.0823

DoF 2017.08.16 (CC & WebEx)

DoF 2017.08.09 (CC & WebEx)

DoF 2017.08.02 (CC & WebEx)

DoF 2017.07.26 (CC & WebEx)

DoF 2017.07.18 (CC & WebEx)

Complete meetings page including previous meetings