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DeviceUseStatement FHIR Resource Proposal

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Owning committee name

Orders & Observations WG

Contributing or Reviewing Work Groups

FHIR Resource Development Project Insight ID


Scope of coverage

Note: This resource will be undergoing major revisions to align with the FHIR workflow 'event pattern'.

The DeviceUseStatement resource:

  • records ??? the use of a healthcare-related device by a patient. The record is the result of a report of use by the patient or another provider. ???
    • is this within the 80% or are observations used?.
  • Is it also the 'event' resource in response to the DeviceUseRequest request i.e a record of the Delivery?
    • Do we need another resource for this??
  • This resource does not address the logistics of supply movement and is not associated with a patient. The SupplyDelivery resource would be used for 'generic' movement of devices.

RIM scope

Lloyd to provide

Resource appropriateness

Resource to record the use/receipt of devices by patient are necessary in healthcare.

Expected implementations

  • EHRs

Content sources

  • FHIR Wrokflow event template

Example Scenarios

1) The resource can be used to note the patient reported use of a

  • a wheelchair
  • hearing aid
  • an implanted devices such as a pacemaker.

2) The resource can be used to record the delivery of a ordered device such as:

  • bone fixature
  • glucometer
  • IV Pump
  • a home health application

to a patient's room or home

Resource Relationships

  • Task
  • Device
  • Bodysite


STU3 Ballot

gForge Users

Eric Haas


Does there need to be separate Dispense and Statement resources?