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DeviceMetricObservation FHIR Profile Proposal

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Profile Details

Parent Resource

Constraints to be Applied

  • performer = Resource(Device)
  • subject = Resource(Device| Patient)
  • method = Measure mode ValueSet
  • applied[x] = DateTime
  • Remove encounter

Extensions to be Applied

  • relatedDeviceMetric = Resource(Patient) [1..1]

Example Scenarios

  • An observation of diastolic blood pressure indicates 60 mmHg.
  • An observation of systolic blood pressure indicates 111 mmHg.
  • A ventilation mode setting value from a ventilator.

Scope of coverage

The DeviceMetricObservation profile describes the direct or derived, qualitative or quantitative physiological measurement, setting, or calculation data produced by a medical device or a device component.


For the initial scope, this DeviceMetricObservation profile is only applicable to describe a measurement that is produced by any medical device that implements or derives from the ISO/IEEE 11073 standard.


Owning committee name

Health Care Devices (DEV) WG

Contributing or Reviewing Work Groups

Health Care Devices (DEV) WG

Expected implementations

gForge Users

FHIR Profile Development Project Insight ID



  • TargetDateForInternalReview

Balloting Requirements

Choose one:

  • Ballot with next FHIR DSTU or Normative Edition
  • or Ballot independently as DSTU
  • or Realm specific ballot
  • or No Ballot

Desired Ballot Date

  • PutDesiredBallotDateHere