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December 4, 2018 Security Conference Call

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x Member Name x Member Name x Member Name x Member Name
. John Moehrke Security Co-chair x Kathleen Connor Security Co-chair . Alexander Mense Security Co-chair . Trish Williams Security Co-chair
x Christopher Shawn Security Co-chair x Suzanne Gonzales-Webb . Mike Davis x David Staggs
x Diana Proud-Madruga . Johnathan Coleman . Francisco Jauregui . Joe Lamy
x Theresa Ardal Connor . Greg Linden . Grahame Grieve x Dave Silver
. . Beth Pumo . Jim Kretz . Peter Bachman . Peter VanLiesdonk

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  1. (2 min) Roll Call, Agenda Approval
  2. (5 min) Review and Approval of Minutes November 27, 2018
  3. (5 min) PSAF Vol 3 Provenance Ballot - Mike/Chris
  4. (10 min) GDPR Vocabulary Call - Peter
  5. (10 min) FHIR Security call update FHIRcast will be presenting at FHIR-Security call on December 11th -- HL7 FHIR Security 2018-12-11- John
  6. (15 min) 201901 Security WGM Agenda wiki style & 201901 Security WGM Agenda Confluence Style Begin editing - Kathleen

Meeting Minutes

Chair: Kathleen Connor Meeting Minutes Approval: (JohnM/ChrisS)

  • Vote: 6-0-0

PSAF Volume 3 - Provenance Ballot

  • ballot submitted, on Sunday

GDPR Call on implementation of GDPR on Monday

  • white paper on a more high-level implementation of GDPR, we need guidance on the technical aspect
    • requires new vocabulary
    • how would we do that is a topic of discussion; we are taking current vocab and see how it lines up #2, implement along GPDR lines and see what needs to be updated/or not changed
  • we tend to go along the second, where we take a look at use case and see where our current vocab leads us and locate gaps and what we need to update
  • Peter suggested changes

FHIR Security

  • Isaac is going to present the current progress with FHIR Cast to us next week on the FHIR Security call, FHIRcast is a new functionally equivalent to CCOW that is more bowser app FHIR friends. it’s not reimagined CCOW, they're going at it in the FHIR way---where its most needed that implemented. it is a derivative of work
  • we are asked (Security WG) to be a stakeholder.
  • we can pull out identified CCOW risks (from previous)

Motion to Adjourn (ChrisS) Meeting adjourned at 1:29 Arizona Time --Suzannegw (talk) 15:29, 4 December 2018 (EST) Back to Security Main Page