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December 2, 2015 Education Telecon

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December 2, 2015 Education Telecon Minutes


  • Role Call
  • Approval of last meeting minutes
  • Agenda Review
  • New Tutorials
    • Clinical Genomics on FHIR
    • HL7 Buzz Tutorial
    • Any new proposals?
  • Professional certification status
  • Arden Syntax Certification status / Workflow for Certification
  • Reorganizing the brochure - Tutorial Blurbs, Roles, Pathways
  • V2 Workshop Project (Fernando)
  • How to Drive Attendance at Ed Summit(results of list server query)
  • Mobile App for Cert Test Review
  • Inventory of Tutorials and associated Specifications (if time)
  • Universities (Melva) (if time)
  • New Business
  • Next Meeting December 16th at 4pm Eastern

Meeting Minutes

Role Call Virginia Lorenzi (chair) Fernando Campos (scribe) Sharon Chaplock (HL7 Staff) Patrick Loyd Heather Grain John Ritter Peter Haug Damian Francois

Approval of last meeting minutes Motion to Approve (John) Second(Fernando) Motion Passed


Virginia: She has an offer from Columbia to talk about teacher technology to help educators. It is a team that helps teacher to improve the way tutors teach. How to improve summits etc. Heather knows the idea and she thinks this will be useful. John is not familiar with this kind of programs. Sharon: It could be include a session on the WGM. A specific call could be scheduled. Tutorials

Clinical genomics on FHIR will be taught in January. Virginia is reviewing the EHR tutorial specifications. She will send it to Heather to help her to review it.

Professional Certification program The professional certification implementation committee is working on that. Next week the project planning could be approved based on the survey results.

Arden Syntax Certification Program Peter: The scope statement is almost ready for the submission. It has the brief and the outline of the tutorial specification. Virginia: You need to send the tutorial specification to the Education WG. He will send to Virginia and she will distribute. Heather will help to review it. About the Arden Syntax scope statement, it will be reviewed after this call with Sharon based on a proposal she has. Recommendations about best practices will be revised. Virginia will share the document with those who want to collaborate. Heather and Damian will stay on after the teleconference.

Tutorial re organization brochure

Virginia: Organize tutorials, better descriptions. John: He asked how the tutorial description should looks like. Should they be dry in a standard language or they should be in popular language? Heather: It has to describe clearly what you should expect from the tutorial. Why should I take this course and the learning benefits. Sharon: the basic content is a general description, the objective and who benefits. Virginia: We need to improve the brochure. We will continue listening others ideas. (Mary Ann, Sharon, Heather, John…)

V2 Workshop Fernando is working on that but he needs more time. The topic will be discuss again in January 2016.

List server discussion Virginia will summarize the subject.

Mobile technology Sharon: It´s a program for people who is preparing a certification exam. They will receive questions on the mobile or the tablet and they need to answer them. It has the gamification spirit. It is expect that this could be implemented during 2016. Virginia had a similar experience at AMIA. She will email asking for more information and Sharon will go deeper with this solution.

Universities (Delayed)

Professional Certification John: It could be useful ask to people who had taken a tutorial in the past if this tutorial was useful or not. Virginia: HL7 is working on the survey. It will be evaluate soon.