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December 18, 2018 CBCP Conference Call

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December 18, 2018 CBCP Conference Call


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Member Name x Member Name x Member Name x Member Name
x Johnathan Coleman CBCP Co-Chair x Suzanne Gonzales-Webb CBCP Co-Chair x Jim Kretz CBCP Co-Chair x David Pyke CBCP Co-Chair
x Kathleen Connor Security Co-Chair . Mike Davis . John Moehrke Security Co-Chair . Diana Proud-Madruga
x Chris Shawn x Irina Connelly x Joe Lamy . Greg Linden
. Dave Silver x Francisco Jauregui x Mark Meadows x Jack Wallace
x David Staggs . Beth Pumo . EricLarson x Becky Angeles
. Mohammad Jafari x Ken Salyards . Bonnie Young x Greg White
. Katie Sullivan . [mailto: ] . [mailto: ] . [mailto:

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Agenda DRAFT

  1. Roll Call, Agenda Review
  2. Meeting Minutes approval:
  3. eLTSS Update - Irina / Becky
    • Document update (post ballot resolution)
  4. Review eLTSS FHIR IG proposal
  5. DS4P Reaffirmation Ballot - Update
  7. HL7 WGM January 2019 - San Antonio, Texas Agenda DRAFT (next week) - please send topics for discussion to Suzanne
  8. Johnathan White House update

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Meeting Minutes DRAFT

Meeting Chair: DPyke Review of Agenda, Roll Call Audio only - none Agenda approval: (Motion: Suzanne/GregW)

  • abstain: none; object: none; approval

Meeting Minutes Approval

December 04 (Motion: Suzanne/Jim)

  • Vote: Abstain: none; Oppose: none; Approval

December 11 (Motion: Suzanne/Jim)

  • Vote: Abstain: none; Oppose: none; Approval


  • Irina - document update are under reivew by the federal agencies; they will pass the information to Irini and team for approval
  • Becky - one negative vote remaining;
  • Johnathan has pinged the individual to remove negative (again on Friday through ballot desktop)


  • Becky - pass off to FHIR management group for review and approval; slated to discuss at the January 9th
    • Johnathan will be attendance to represent WG, Becky

DS4P Reaffirmation

  • consensus pool closed, ballot open, under review by potential balloters/Normative standard/ANSI-apprvate, part of etification program for xx
  • no further update

FHIR Consent

  • White paper - link to gForge where work is being completed <<add link>> (Kathleen)
    • plan to review/discuss at WGM more into depth
    • would like to have xacml or some kind of rule, languages to make this go into an AC system, and if dependant on SDS? system;
    • testing in terms of …
    • what other dependances if you are not using XACLML.. .which kathleen would also like to discuss at the face-to-face
    • Suzanne to add to Thursday Q1
  • FHIR CPs - talk on the FHIR chat on moving up the FHIR maturity model levels; but is difficult because only covered off the FHIR xxx... that have not moved very far;

have had discussions but have not gone very far

  • would like to remove scope of consent in reseach to assist/
  • speciality issues ar being driven by other WGs that discussion is gongoing because it is difficultto move up (as we have 4 scopes)
  • may need to work with other groups with .. i.e. to create reseach consent, one for adv directors (PC), oter (PC)

Dave will discuss with Grahame in January to have scopes moved/adjustsed to move up the items to uppers

  • have been tested extensivety in V3, with all the scopes it is limited to move further

San Antonio, Texas Agenda HL7 WGM Agenda - DRAFT