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Datatypes R2 Programming Library

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  1. (from the minutes of the 2010-09 meeting in Rome)
  2. Creation of a Java based HL7 v3 Datatypes R2 library
    • There are quite some datatype implementations, most of which are nicely scoped and distributable as stand-alone libraries. They are also the most reusable libraries, compared to other parts of Rimbaa implementations because they do not contain a lot of dependencies on database design.
    • We would like to consider building a feature matrix comparing datatype implementations. Most of us have build one or more datatype implementations so we do have a clear idea of the important features a datatype library could/should support. Examples are support for terminology via cts, support for gts, mappings available to database or XML.
    • maybe we can setup a kind of community-defined specs (just like the java process) to define desirable features and choose a reference implementation.
    • list the most important use cases for GTS, we certainly do not require "complete" implementations, but which are the most used features? For example "periodic events at a predetermined time with starting and ending dates".