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Datatypes R2 Issue 73

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Data Types Issue 58: CD.valueSet


for true traceability of what the constraint rules in force at the time data is instatiated, we need the value set ID. In addition, this is needed to properly support OTH.

? backward compatible to a limited degree.


 type ConceptDescriptor alias CD specializes ANY {
           ST         code;
           ST         displayName;
           UID        codeSystem;
           ST         codeSystemName;
           ST         codeSystemVersion;
           ED         originalText;
           OID        valueSet;
           DATE       valueSetVersion;
           LIST<CR>   qualifier;
           SET<CD>    translation;
           BL         equal(ANY x);
           BL         implies(CD x);
  demotion  ED;

Note that there is a problem with the relationship between OTH and multiple valueset specifications with templates that needs resolution with OTH

Motion: add OID valueSet and DATE valueSetVersion to CD, and to note the problem with multiple valuesets and OTH for resolution with the OTH/conformance problems


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