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Datatypes R2 Issue 68

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Data Types Issue 68: Text Telephone Number


There is a business need within two NHS CFH domains to represent a number for a 'text telephone' (a telephone which is designed for use by the hearing-impaired).

Having posted a request for suggestions to the MnM list, it was suggested that the following format be used:

<telecom use="PUB" value="x-text-tel:01392251289"/>

I intend to follow this format and use the 'x-text-tel:' prefix, and I am proposing that this format be added to the TEL datatype in the next release of the specification.

As Lloyd McKenzie suggested in a reply to my question, this will prevent variations from being invented to represent the same thing.


there is a problem here. For datatypes R2, since W3C have deprecated the fax uri type - it's all the same protocol for making the connection - then we have added FAX as a use type (HL7 WGM May 2006). Adding x-text-tel is the wrong solution here for the same reason - it should be added to the use codes. (Grahame Grieve)


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