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Datatypes R2 Issue 59

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Data Types Issue 59: Unknown home phone number


It’s not possible to state that a home phone number for a patient is not known using the TEL data type.

current best option: <tel use=”H” nullFlavor=”UNK”>

The problem is that <tel use=”H” nullFlavor=”UNK”> does not tell you whether you are missing the home phone number, the home e-mail address, the home blog, the home fax, the home pager, etc... Since the type of telecommunications is specified as part of the URL in the XML ITS, there needs to be a way to express "Unknown home phone number".

? backward compatible.


email: A possible solution (per Keith Boone) can be <tel use=”H” value="tel:" nullFlavor=”UNK”> - in other words, allow the scheme part of the URL to be present for null values.


Passed in INM 30/04/2007: Motion to approve <tel use = "H" value="tel" NullFlavor="UNK"> as the proper way to express unknown telephone number.


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