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Datatypes R2 Issue 57

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Data Types Issue 57: II.useCode


Status of II.useCode is that a motion was passed by MnM endorsing its creation and asking INM to address it in their datatypes R2 work. Original motion from MnM:

To ease the adoption of HL7 v3, MnM recommends INM to add “useCode” to II. This would identify the intended scope/purpose/use of the identifier. See also the discussion around Types of Identifiers. Example concepts to be included:

  • Issued by scoper/author
  • Verified by scoper/author
  • Used by scoper/author
  • Non-player specific
  • Real-world id
  • Record id
  • Version-specific (snapshot)
  • View id
  • Reference
  • Definitional

MnM would like to participate in identifying requirements, appropriate contents, definitions and usage guidelines

Default values will be set to make the attribute backwards compatible

see also Types of Identifiers



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